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How to Choose a Laptop PC in 2017?

Let's try to answer one of the most recurring questions posed by friends, readers, and enthusiasts: how to choose a laptop PC among the countless market proposals? At what price? Here is our guide to have a clearer idea of ​​the choice…

Released the Linux kernel 4.12

Finally, the Linux kernel 4.12 has been released, bringing with it a considerable amount of news between updates and new introductions within the code. Among the additions, there is supported for GTX 1000 and Radeon Vega cards.

GPD Pocket, Notebook with 7-inch display

GPD Pocket is an UMPC, an Ultra Mobile PC. It is a laptop that can be conveniently inserted into the pocket of the jacket and with which you can view the files supported by Windows 10 in total mobility. Underneath the small body features…