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Hydrofoil: Parrot Mini drones flying over the water and dart

The catalog of Parrot mini drones expands with two models perfect for the summer. Two hybrid drones that can fly but also whiz on the water, anchored to a special hydrofoil. They are controlled via smartphones and tablets.

Parrot extends the range of mini drones communicating the availability in the market Hydrofoil Orak and New Z – mainly differentiated by the appearance but with widely shared characteristics.

The peculiarity of the new models is due to their hybrid nature makes them suitable for flight and, once attached to a special (mini) hydrofoil, darting to rise above the water.

For the avoidance of doubt, Parrot note that the mini drones are not waterproof , so you need to be careful not to drop them in the water; the company also recommends using them in fresh water. As with other Parrot mini drones, the user can control them via FreeFlight 3, the free app for smartphones and tablets.

Parrot Orak Hydrofoil Mini Drone
Parrot Orak Hydrofoil Mini Drone
Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone - Orak (Black)
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Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone - Orak (Black)
  • No FAA registration required
  • Water and air-ready Hydrofoil MiniDrone with embedded VGA mini camera (480X640)
  • Built with streamlined foils and hydrodynamic hull to move quickly through the water

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When Hydrofoil Orak and New Z are hooked to hydrofoil, the upper part of the drone, you have perpendicularly with respect to the marine structure, and the four propellers are activated, allowing the surface of the water route.

The structure supports the Hydrofoil Drone balanced at 5-6 cm above the water. Depending on the level of friction with the liquid, the mini drones can reach different speed, until touching the maximum peak of 5.4 knots (10 km/h).

Parrot Newz Hydrofoil Mini Drone
Parrot Newz Hydrofoil Mini Drone

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The new Parrot mini drones can then be unhooked from the hydrofoil and fly reaching even higher speed (18 km/h). In FLIGHT MODE mini drones can turn 90° and 180° with a simple tap and performing aerobatics at 360° versatile products that do not neglect the safety aspects: the flight is stabilized by a 3-axis gyro and a 3 axis accelerometer, while the automatic engine switch is activated in case of collision of the propellers.

Both models are equipped with a VGA camera, 1GB flash memory and a battery that offers a range of 7 minutes. Thanks to the rapid charging, you can complete the battery charging operations with a 2.6A power supply (not supplied).

The detailed list of the technical features include : 

  • Structure: EPP and polyamide.
  • Ultrasonic sensor range: up to 4 meters vertically.
  • Directional stability: 4 engines, 3-axis gyroscope, barometer, 3-axis accelerometer (precision of / – 50 meters), automatic motor switch in the event of contact with the propellers.
  • Flash memory 1GB.
  • Camera: VGA spy camera (480×640 pixels) 300,000 pixels.
  • Specific features: removable structure dedicated to Hydrofoil.
  • Speed: Hovering precision, up to 18 K / h (air), up to 10 km / h (water).
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart / Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, maximum 20 meters reach.
  • App: controlled via free app FreeFlight 3.
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer 550 mAh removable, rechargeable in 25 minutes charger 2.6 A (not included).
  • The battery recharges in 90 minutes via micro USB cable (included).
  • Operating system based on Linux, SDK available for developers.
  • Dimensions with Hydrofoil: 320 x 340 x 140 mm.
  • Dimensions without Hydrofoil: 150 x 150 x 40 mm.
  • Weight with Hydrofoil: 247 grams.
  • Weight without Hydrofoil: 58 grams.

Afterwards, the two official videos showing new mini drones Hydrofoil in action: