Logitech, new mechanical keyboard approved by the eSports players

Logitech has unveiled the new Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, realized with the support of some famous players of eSports.

The new Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is designed to make the best in professional competitions thanks to Romer-G mechanical switches developed by the same Logitech. It Provides 25% higher implementation time compared to the usual mechanical keyboards, with a point of implementation, which stood on a millimeter and a half.

The switches are designed to ensure silent, and do not miss the detachable cable to make the Logitech G Pro also easily transportable. It is also equipped with onboard memory for saving preferences, and configurable RGB backlight.

The dimensions are compact and stylish appearance, while the tenkeyless format ensures usability and portability. Moreover, it leaves a lot of space on the playing surface to mouse movements. ” The Romer-G switches are revealed faster and quieter, and are comfortable for typing, ” said the pro players of Counter-Strike Global Offensive Jake ” Stewie2K ” Yip.

Logitech has focused, in particular, on the sequence of events that results in the implementation of the USB signal switch, defined KSP (signal of the button is pressed). Supports of KSP has been optimized so that the response is faster than 10 ms compared to the competition. The speed does not only concern status of the key switch, but the entire system, the implementation of the switch to KSP and the refresh rate. In addition, the new mechanical keyboard is built to last, rated for over 70 million keystrokes.

A steel plate reinforces the rear part of the keyboard, ensuring stability and rigidity. Logitech Gaming Software allows then to make a series of adjustments and configure the backlight of the keys on an individual basis.

Extreme performance : The mechanical switch Romer-G ™ is specially designed to ensure enhanced performance, short response times and high resistance. The point of short drive, 1.5 mm, provides a speed 25% higher than that of the mechanical switch of competition standard. Perfect combination of speed, accuracy, and quiet operation, Romer-G is by far the most discreet of all the keyboard switch from mechanical game.

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Modern and ultra portable : The compact design with no number pad frees up space on the table to mouse movements at low sensitivity during the game tournament, while the detachable cord facilitates the transport. All components have a high resistance, and the structure is reinforced by a sturdy rear panel made of steel, able to offer a greater stability and rigidity during the game.

Innovation over the mechanical switch : To improve performance, we focused on the development of key pressure signal (KSP). KSP is the sequence of events that results in the implementation of the USB signal switch. To make the keyboard for Logitech G games really reactive, we have optimized our KSP so the response is faster than 10ms over the competition. The speed does not only concern status of the key switch, but the entire system, the implementation of the switch to KSP and the refresh rate.

70,000,000 pressure precision button : Logitech G Pro combines innovative and intelligent KSP and robust Romer-G mechanical switches that have a redundant design with double contact to eliminate virtually all the mechanical switch errors such as double clicks. Evaluated for over 70 million keystrokes, Romer-G helps to ensure a long-lasting precision. Our goal is the perfect experience for each press of the button for the entire life of the keyboard.

Prevent the breakdown of your equipment : Professionals can also travel 150 days or more a year, it is vital that their equipment is able to deal with problems without any kind of trip. The micro USB connector with removable braided cable and prevents the cable break at the connection point during transport in the travel bag. The three-pointed design, also used for wireless mouse G403 and G900, it features support arms for easy and secure connection.

Press all buttons : Entering multiple keys allows the execution, always correct, complicated moves. Thanks to rollover to 26 buttons, you can hit virtually every more modifier keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) key in any order and get exactly what you want.

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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  • Durable Romer G switches deliver 25 percent faster actuation than standard mechanical...
  • Ultra portable sleek and compact design frees up table space for mouse movement and...

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