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KeepVid For Android: Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram also smartphone / tablet

The popular program for downloading videos from online platforms also now arrives on Android, an app with simple, fast and fluid during the user experience.

KeepVid, the engine for downloading videos from the most popular online platforms, is now available for Android devices. It uses a technology resulting from 10 years of experience and development, and used on PC and Mac by tens of millions of users around the world. Why save a local video when I can see it from the comfort of dedicated service, be it YouTube, Facebook, or if you prefer? The answers can be many: It can be useful in an aircraft or driving when you do not have the Internet connection, or it may be the only way for us not to consume gigabytes of data rate on our smartphones.

And now the procedure can be performed entirely on your smartphone, without the need to switch from a PC or Mac and have to transfer the file at a later time on the mobile device. Before going into the analysis of the application we specify that many of the multimedia content of the sites we have mentioned can be protected by copyright. In any case, it is illegal to distribute material recorded KeepVid Pro, and so with any other category of software, or use it for commercial purposes. Use of the software is permitted only and exclusively for personal and private use, for example, if you’re leaving on vacation or on a trip where we know we’ll often without an active data connection, and we want to take with us our favorite videos.

The app usage is very simple, even more than the desktop version. The interface is absolutely no frills: startup appear different colored icons that lead to the various services supported by the application, among which YouTube (larger than the other), Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and even Instagram. At the top of the screen, we find a line that contains three buttons: a magnifying glass to make video search with compatible services, a key to the download area in which to see the status of active downloads and downloaded content and a key to access the settings. Here you can configure the download location, the default player, and if you download only on Wi-Fi.

Selected the service we want to search for the video, the app will load its web page through an integrated browser and suitably modified with the plug-in to download. Just found a video playing will be automatically offered us the ability to download content through an intuitive interface: the menu can then click to download the video resolution, or whether to get the audio part to save on space consumed locally. Having completed our choices automatically start downloading the video, which in our tests proved to be very fast. Unfortunately, it lacks the ability to convert video to other formats than are available on the service, feature available on the desktop version.

KeepVid for Android also allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously from multiple services or the same service, organizing the queues to take advantage of all the bandwidth available. The app is not complete as the desktop version (for example, also lacks the ability to record the video content during playback), but allows you to perform its basic functions in an extremely fluid and easy by organizing all the downloaded files in a single screen. Plus, something to be reckoned, KeepVid for Android is absolutely free, unlike the desktop versions for PC and Mac. The download is not yet available through the official store, but just make a detour on KeepVid site.

To install the app on your device will need to activate the option in Settings to accept the installation of apps from unknown sources. Obviously before installing KeepVid for Android on our device, we performed a scan with different anti-viruses, we have reassured the reliability of the APK. Click on the links below to download the free of KeepVid for Android.