8 features iOS 9 that has stolen the world Android

Some features of iOS 9 were taken from the platforms of the competition. Page report is a list of the most important ones that Apple has ” stolen ” from Android.

” Picasso had a saying good artists copy, great artists steal and we have Always Been shameless about stealing great ideas “, Steve Jobs made his debut in 1996 with these words: ” Picasso used to say that good artists copy, great artists steal. .. and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas. ” We could cite the window interface of Xerox, or going back to our days the Notifications Center Android. All the competitors will ” copy ” each other and the higher the stakes, the greater the audacity to do so. In recent days, Apple announced iOS 9, and again many of you have noticed some similarities between some of the new operating system and the features that already exist on the Android world.

  • Multitasking in split screen : one of the main new features of iOS 9 is the multi-tasking for iPad. It allows you to use a maximum of two applications at once, features that we had already seen on some devices Samsung and LG.
  • Video picture-in-picture : the ability to play a video screen in each of the operating system and also in third-party applications had already been spotted on many Samsung devices. It will be present with iOS 9 within iPad.
  • Proactive : Proactive searches of iOS 9, who can give advice without explicitly requested by the user, are also the peculiar long time Google Now, the virtual assistant’s direct competitor.
  • Spotlight : hints of Siri not found natively on Android or other customizations, but it is a feature that many users have been able to appreciate the use of third-party app. Connect you to the contact and the applications used directly from the Home screen.
  • Low-power mode : iOS 9 introduces a new way of energy savings that should significantly increase the operating range of the device. The feature was introduced on Android with Lollipop, but many manufacturers supplied by the third time in their customization of the green robot.
  • App News : the idea of ​​introducing a native application that contains all the most important news of different areas has been had for the first from HTC with its Sense that uses BlinkFeed long time.
  • New app notes : the new note-taking application is a huge step forward compared to the past. Nothing new, of course, since it takes up what has been achieved by Google with Keep, and many other third-party companies that already offer the same functionality of the new native app for iOS 9.
  • Apple Maps : the mapping app Apple will use information about public transport in some cities in the world. It is a function that is already on Google Maps and other third-party services, such as Nokia’s HERE.

But Apple is not the only one to ” steal “. Even Google has done with its recently announced Android M, which will debut this fall at a time not too far from iOS 9. In this page, you can read the feature that instead Android M stole to iOS.