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Dell Latitude 3540 – Review

Today we are going to review a business-oriented laptop manufactured by Dell Latitude 3540. The model made available to us by Dell is based characterized by a good balance between price and quality, with Windows Professional 64-bit and a recovery disk with Windows 8 Pro.

To give the customer the choice in the system OS to be used. We said, we hold that the 3540 is an entry-level, but from the Dell website, you can use a good configuration to select the most useful features for our needs.

Dell Latitude 3540 – Size and Design

The Dell Latitude 3540 is a 15.6-inch on the size and weight quite content: 37.6 inches wide x 25.9 inches deep and a height of 2.5 cm, which a little closer to the portability of an ultrabook, the weight is quite low (2.3 kg), all of which makes this handset a good impact in the business market (economic) always looking for efficient and compact solutions with an eye to the costs much lower, certainly the most beautiful and light Ultrabook.

The lines of this handset are pleased with rounded profiles and an overall sense of strength shines through building materials: the elegant finish of the upper cover and the inner base made of brushed metal (aluminum), instead of the bottom shell is made of hard plastic matte black as also the frame in which it is inserted, the display (probably the least durable, it flexes with minimum pressures).

The island keyboard with keys and numeric keypad is instead made of shiny black plastic, and the whole was quite effective, but it conveys a feeling of poor quality (to touch the plastic seems very thin above the keyboard bass, and a whole does not seem too strong). The touchpad is multi-touch and is slightly off center on the left side of the handset has a standard size of 10 × 5.7 cm and is always ready and effective, the buttons are rather traditional (non-integrated) and are in the same finish of the case higher.

Dell Latitude 3540
Dell Latitude 3540 – Right Side

The hinges of the upper opening of the LID are hard black plastic, and overall they look pretty strong, also allow an opening well above 100 degrees. The handset is equipped with four white LEDs located on the front left side, at the base of the keyboard in a position to tell the truth less visible while working.

Dell Latitude 3540 – Specifications

The Dell Latitude 3540 comes with processor i3-4010U fourth generation with clock frequency of 1.70 GHz, 4 GB DDR3L 1600MHz RAM, integrated video card Intel HD, HD seagate ST500LT012-9WS14 definitely reliable but not exceptional performance ( question of fact, the standard HD 5400 rpm). The handset also incorporates a DVD MATSHITA / – king a good webcam (1280 × 720 pixels).

Dell Latitude 3540
Dell Latitude 3540 – Left Side

The display as mentioned above is a 15.6-inch WLED backlit matte with a resolution of 1,366X768 with a good anti-reflective treatment, also good brightness and contrast at least in the presence of power supply, very pronounced reductions to reduce fuel consumption with the battery, but the colors are more realistic and well-balanced. The viewing angle is not great but still acceptable.

Overall, the standard display that comes with the model we tested does not shine too much in features but carries out his job with dignity even in bright conditions for those who had higher needs is good to remember that in the configuration proposed to us by Dell, you can choose to display higher resolution and also touch panel.

Dell Latitude 3540 – Connectivity

Left Side :

  • 1 x VGA
  • 3 x USB 3.0
  • 1 x RJ-45
  • 1 x Combo headphone / mic

Right Side :

  • 1 x USB 3.0

Front :

  • 1 x Multimedia Reader

The handset is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, and Wi-Fi card Dell 1705 802.11 b / g / n. Incomprehensible by Dell choosing to deprive the Dell Latitude 3540 with an HDMI port, which forces me to lower the overall assessment of a point of connectivity.



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  • Connectivity