The Best strategy games for the PC

Despite the market over the last few years, offering gaming console with high-performance graphics and playground, the PC is still very much a terminal used for video gaming. The main reason is because there are the categories of video games for which the use of the mouse and keyboard is still far better than that of the joypad, besides the fact that the latter turns out to be still very versatile for any type of gaming.

The strategy genre is a prime example of what I have just expressed. Let’s see The Best strategy games for the PC, with an eye to new titles without forgetting the myths of a few years ago.

The definition of strategy game is very simple. In these types of games, the player’s decisions have a major impact for the purposes of the gaming experience. Then, depending on the titles, you can define how the strategy has importance in the structure of the game. They are generally related to issues of war of a different setting, but this play structure can get back into the heterogeneous nature of different titles.

Strategy games then divide into two broad groups: real-time or shift work. In the early game, time is continuous and our decisions are made in the same timeline as the other entities participating in it. Instead, in the second, each player has his turn to perform operations and make decisions, and once it has finished passing that opportunity to another.

Starcraft-IIIf we talk about strategy on PC, we cannot mention the Starcraft series whose last title came out in 2011 under the name Starcraft II. This game is characterized by a particularly well-developed plot and a setting for the genre of sci-fi type. The game system is real-time and is developed by Blizzard. The first came out in 1998, and it took twelve years to get a sequel. Impressive graphics, storyline and multiplayer developed successful. A must for fans.

TotalWar-Shogun2Immediately after you need to give a special attention to the Total War series, developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA. Series, which includes 7 titles, the best are Shogun 2: Total War (2011) and Rome (2004). Setting varies for each title and version to version are also different game mechanics, but always keeping some elements of continuity. In particular, the series of stands to be characterized by a management part shift followed by a real-time tactical. Complexity and intelligence led him to be a way for players to who likes the taste of the challenge and a high level of game difficulty ..

CivilizationIn the category of games, turn-based strategy title Civilization is definitely more important. The game was created by the programmer Sid Meier in 1991. Today we got to the fifth version of the title was released on September 24, 2010. The latter is now the flagship title of the series, with a graphical inspired and with a game mechanic where the management phase and in general all the choices require reflection and wit. It is not a title for everyone given the times of play rather long and complex, but definitely magnetic for those who embark on. Of importance in the history of video game’s Civilization II, surely milestone of the genre.

World-in-ConflictCompletely different from the competition is instead World in Conflict, one of the best strategy games in real time ever. Released on September 21, 2007 brought a big breath of fresh air in the genre, offering gameplay that renew the experience of playing classical. The game is set in a parallel world where there is an ongoing international conflict, the single player campaign is very exciting and compelling. A special feature is that the unit that you have to manage on the battlefield will not be created by a structure, but purchased and will be a limited number compared to mega armies often operated in other securities. Suitable for all, even to newcomers to the genre, thanks to a game system that teaches you all as their mechanical properties.

Warcraft-IIIFinally, we cannot speak of Warcraft saga of strategy games set in a fantasy atmosphere, from which was born after the well-known online game World of Warcraft. The best title of the series is certainly Warcraft III, the last in chronological order in the saga of Blizzard. The game has several campaigns all very interesting, showing different aspects of the fantasy world created by the production company American gaming. A must-have for all those who love the fantasy and RTS.