Rapoo A3060 Bluetooth Portable Speaker – Review

Powerful sound rather tinny sounds: The Rapoo A3060 Bluetooth Mini Speaker music for smartphones and tablet PCs will sound much better.

Smartphones, tablet PCs, mobile phones and laptops but also simple constructional reasons provide only a nasal sound. Who does not just want to carry around a full-fledged speaker set with itself, for Rapoo A3060 has the Bluetooth mini speaker an alternative. Thus, music, videos and games should sound

much better than some of the smartphones and tablet PCs. Whether it works, shows the first short test.

Wireless connectivity with voice instructions

Connect the Rapoo A3060 wirelessly via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets or laptops. The device works fast and easy: press Bluetooth’s button on the speaker, turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone device can search and link. After successful connection, the Rapoo A3060 shall notify by voice command. This it does by the way, even if you disconnect or turn on the device. Class: A battery is installed and a USB charging cable’s it.

Good sound – as long as it is not loud

Of only 7.1 cm high and 6.3 cm wide Rapoo A3060 was music in the short test again surprisingly punchy. Although bass and treble sounded not always clean, but certainly better than directly from the phone speakers. The sound quality leaves much to with increasing volume. Particular language and high-pitched scratchy sound turned up, and the bass is muddy.

Rapoo A3060 - Size
Rapoo A3060 – Size

Limited to use speakerphone.

The Bluetooth Mini Speaker A3060 has a built-in microphone and so should they also drive speakerphone for phone calls. In the test, but it worked worse than good: The Rapoo A3060 is annoying with poor sound reproduction of the interlocutor and moderate voice to the called person. Good against: The battery lasted nearly six hours in the test.

Rapoo A3060 Bluetooth Mini Speaker – Specifications

  • Product Type : Bluetooth Speaker, Mini Speaker
  • Integrated Devices : Microphone
  • Functions : Bluetooth, Speakerphone
  • Power : Battery 4.0V
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 2.4×2.8×2.4 inch

Conclusion: Rapoo A3060 Bluetooth Mini Speaker.

The 470 gram Rapoo A3060 supplied in the test a decent sound quality, the battery was comparatively long. Too bad the kit is only limited use.

RAPOO | A3060-G Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Mini Stereo Speaker - GREEN
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RAPOO | A3060-G Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Mini Stereo Speaker - GREEN
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Our Opinion

PROS : Wireless connection via Bluetooth., Easy setup with voice prompts., Offers significantly better sound, as smartphones or tablet PCs., Comparatively long battery life.
CONS : Sounds distort at high volume., Poor communication via speaker phone.

  • Design
  • Sound
  • Features
  • Value of Money