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How to change the startup sound on your Mac

You know that ” Boong “ that you feel when you start your Mac? It may seem annoying enough to want to delete or change.

If you believe this sound needs to be changed now I’ll explain how to change the startup sound on a Mac so simple that even a kid can do it. You can choose whether to turn off the startup sound is using a free application that inserting directly into a terminal string of code, but you will also discover how to add a custom sound directly from your microphone.

Here’s how to change the sound to your liking boot a Mac.

1.) Start by saying how you can eliminate this sound. The easiest way is to discharge a free application called StartupSound. Once downloaded and installed to just go to the preference’s panel of the Mac and choose the Startup Sound. You will open a volume selector where you can change the volume, and if you want to eliminate the sounds of the Mac just bring the volume to zero. In this way, a difference from using the Mute, you can hear all the sounds of the video or music files but will not have the sound of your Mac, If you want to eliminate once and for all the startup sound without using any application just open Terminal and type this command string: sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume = 80%. Then, if you like to return to the initial situation with the startup sound, you have to type this string: sudo nvram-d SystemAudioVolume.

2.) If you want your Mac has a custom sound you have to act in this way. From the Apple menu, you have to choose the monitor, and then you have to choose the sound. At this point, you should have a list of alerts of the Mac with icons to hear the sound. When you install the software on a Mac will play 6 kinds of sounds (the default) to which you can add more. To add a new sound, simply select Add, and you can record your own personal one. Then select the Add button to record your own sound and then save. Restart the computer to see if it executes the custom sound.

3.) It should be said that the six sounds chosen by Apple are not just a whim or a formality. These are set up to recognize the user what is happening in the computer and if necessary to understand if and where there is a problem running the software. Think of the sounds of error, without these you could not understand that there is something wrong. Also, think about the fact that you; we’re used to these sounds, even to start notifying you that your computer is now ready to be used, and changing them could cause errors. If this tutorial, you have not been much help, I also found a video on YouTube that shows you how you can change the startup sound on a Mac to customize it to the max.