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How to Enable NTFS on Mac

With the advent of the NTFS file system from Windows OS, many Mac users are not able to write to NTFS formatted disks, and then to share content with Microsoft, but only to read the contents.

At the moment, Apple is not yet releasing a native support for this file system format, but small and light extensions come in against us to fill this gap. In this guide, I will mention some programs free and some for a fee, even though I will focus more on the free ones, as I know many people who have spent quite a lot for a mac that would like these features by default.

1.) Extensions to payment. Just use a program like Tuxtera or Paragon NTFS for Mac These are extensions that should be installed regularly as if they were applications by following the on-screen displays. They support and full compatibility with various OS X, including the latest Lion and Mountain Lion or Maverick. Prices range between $ 25 and $ 40.

2.) Free Extensions. Regarding free Extensions advice MacFuse and NTFS 3G, which I remember to be installed together in order to avoid problems of compatibility and stability. MacFuse evolved in OSX Fuse, as the previous was not updated for about 4 years. These extensions work on all Mac OS X from 10.5 onwards. Were also tested on the latest OS X Lion and Mountain Lion (10.7 and 10.8) and work quite well, with some error message that is negligible, since the work is done very well. First install OSX Fuse, follow the on-screen instructions, and then install NTFS 3G. To verify the correct installation just check if there is a preference pane for OSX Fuse in the application settings. Then just restart your mac and configure the options preferred by the panel mentioned before and will be able to read and write to disks formatted in NTFS.

3.) I recommend using these extensions only when necessary to avoid conflict with drivers not fully supported on newer systems, from OS X Lion on, especially for what concerns NTFS 3G.

Here the relative links to the websites of specified programs :