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How to connect your PS3 Controller to your Mac

Dear Mac users, the wait is over! You’ve waited months and months to see your favorite games to arrive on Mac? Do you want to use your PS3 controller with your Mac? Now you can!

Make sure you have at hand: Dual Shock 3 Wireless Controller, Mac upgraded to Snow Leopard (or higher), Mac equipped with Bluetooth.

1.) Before you begin, make sure that your Mac has Bluetooth. Then, turn it on via the icon in the icon bar at the top of the screen (usually on the right side of the bar). If this is not present, go to System Preferences and in the Internet Wireless section, select the Bluetooth icon. To activate it you put checkmarks (v) Active and Visible indications.

2.) At this point, you can just connect the Dual Shock 3 to a power outlet using the USB charging cable included in the package. Important: Before connecting the cable, it is strongly recommended to perform a reset on your controller, as shown in this video. Keep connected to the controller for a while, disconnect the cable and press the PS button (the middle button, for instance) for at least three seconds. If you have followed all the steps correctly, the list of devices available by clicking the icon on the toolbar (or in System Preferences), you will find the PLAYSTATION (R) 3 Controller. Associate the device to your Mac and start playing!

3.) If the combination of the controller to your Mac does not, make sure you have completed all steps described above. Usually, the problem occurs because you are using a cable not original. For this, you will need to use the original cable included in the package of the controller at the time of purchase thereof. This procedure only works with Snow Leopard and Lion (Mac OS versions). For this, anyone who has a Mac upgraded to Leopard earlier operating systems, DO NOT even try to follow the guide, it will not work ..

4.) Obviously, the use of the controller is not supported on all Mac games can do a quick search on Google to know which ones are compatible and, which are not. If you want to customize the controls on your controller, the tool more complete (and more expensive …), GamePad Companion is that you can find on the Mac App Store. To speed up the operation and avoid spending money on money is not compatible, I remember that the house Feral Interactive has made virtually all of its games Mac compatible with the controller. At this point, there remains nothing but play!