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The most common mistakes on Mac

The Macintosh computer has been able to conquer over the years a slice of increasing public thanks to ease of use and computing power, which has been very little to envy its competitors. Like any instrument, it still needs to be used with…

How to change the keyboard language on Mac

Mac devices contain a long series of interesting features. One of these concerns the opportunity to change the language of your keyboard, adapting it perfectly to your personal needs. In the following guide, we show you how to change the…

How to set automatic shutdown for Mac

Over the years, the software and hardware that make up the various portable or fixed computers have always been improved. This has obviously led to improvements to the performance of the individual components, with the novelty that in…

The main commands of the Terminal

Operating systems are very special software that can put the computer hardware in communication with the user. There are various types of operating systems and certainly the most widespread and used is Windows produced by Microsoft.