How to disable plug-ins on Safari

Lately, a great success has been received by the Apple company. In fact, almost all people own one of the devices produced by it. However, in addition to the various smartphones and tablets, even Apple computers have become many useful.

How to hide widgets on Mac

We all use the widgets on PC, Mac or Smartphone, but not everyone uses them consciously, indeed many of us do not even really know what they are. When we talk about widgets, we mean the elements of the graphical user interface.

How to reset the NVRAM

The NVRAM or Non Volatile Random-Access Memory, is located in a part of the memory, which has the function of storing certain settings that must be processed quickly. This memory differs from a simple RAM memory, since it does not erase its…

How to initialize an HD on Mac

In recent times, the Apple brand is having a great success. In fact, in addition to the various smartphones and tablets, which most people own, a great success has been achieved by computers and notebooks of this brand.