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How to Speed up uTorrent for Mac

The market offers different types of PCs and operating systems, of great success in recent years is a type of personal computer,  which adopts Leopard operating system, the bones Machintos, commonly known and referred to as MAC.

To download programs, and similar applications, the Mac uses an application called Micro Torrent (U).

1.) ” To take advantage of faster application, so we will have to have the 1.8.4 version of ” uTorrent ” ,  and once you start the PC, we  will go to ” preferences ” (options settings), clicking with the mouse (right).

2.) We will select the ” preference ”  and we would go to tick all the necessary boxes as pictured, including one to Download. We set the transfer to 200 GB and give a time interval of 30 days. After acting on the parameter’s bandwidth (ie bandwidth), we will select those to Bittorrent. By setting ” global limit ” in 2329, ” To torrent limit ” in the 1890s, both Select ” Enable ” then set the Active: transfers to and downloads 60 to 63, and finally, check the circle at the bottom of the Enable entry. In the following entry, which will be directories you will not have to modify any parameter, select the item to the following (Network) and go on.

Utorrent Setting

3.) The voice network, we must proceed in this way: We select a port, preferably the 62348, which seems to be the fastest and check ” Automatically “,  so as to   automatically synchronize the chosen port for our Mac and uTorrent . Set the maximum number of local connections in 2320 and the ” max Torrent ” in 1880. Check under ” Encryption Protocol ” the words ” enable “. In a simple and quick, we have taken steps to speed up uTorrent our MAC. Should you have done something wrong, you should redo all the procedures or alternatively search for youtube channels, a video tutorial, there are several, all very simple and easy to follow so progressive, capable of driving the speeding of ‘ uTorrent also for the less experienced.

If you have trouble following the video, lock it from time to time on the screen of your interest, acting on the triangular button that appears to the left side of the video itself ..