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How to back up your video games steam

When you buy the video game platform ” Steam “, you have the certainty of an original and well done. To preserve all the video games acquired over the years you can perform a simple backup, which after a system / formatting error allows you to exactly find the entire catalog without having to waste time unnecessarily.

With the precise backups, term refers to a specific replication of information material, which can take place on a storage medium any. The material that is precisely replicated, is stored exactly in your computer’s memory. Continue to read this interesting and extremely useful guide for learning in a rather simple and timely as backing up video games steam.

  • The first step that you should consider is to be exactly to ensure you have properly installed the Steam platform on your PC. It is necessary that it works to perfection in order to avoid errors in the copy of your files. If you encounter an annoying error, you can download it again from site and then install it. At this point, you’ll have to start the program from the Start, All Programs, and then looking for the Steam folder from which precisely start the platform.
  • Open exactly the main interface from which you must select the specific item Backup and Restore games from the Stream menu, then the Backup window will ask you what you want to do so tick the option Run up your installed games. At this point, you must select all the titles you want to save (again via check the title). It has just chosen will calculate the space needed for the operation.
  • Come to this precise stage of your operation, you will have to go on indicating the path to be used for backup and clicking on the Next item to start the process, it must be said that if you want to save many games, the entire process will take a long time. But in this case turns out to be recommended to wait and when you need it, we can restore it from the command Backup and restore games from the Steam menu, then select Restore existing backup. You will end the entire catalog.