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How To Play Battle Of Wesnoth

Over the years, Linux (ie a circle of operating systems Unix-like type, designed following the guidelines of the Unix systems while not having permission to use its logo) has broadened the landscape of gaming with more and more fun and interesting titles from play.

Among them is the role-playing game Battle of Wesnoth: an RPG (Role-Playing Game, or The Role-Playing Game) that is used to control a very large number of races, about 16 factions and over 200 units of attack. The game is the result of the work of several of programmers, artists and designers of levels, although the birthplace can be no doubt buckled to David White who designed it in 2003 and still plays the role of project leader.

1.) Download and install the game via the software research program Ubuntu, a very oriented to the use of the desktop Linux system and the support of different hardware configurations, or from the terminal by typing : sudo apt-get install wesnoth-1.8. We wait until it’s installed and let’s start by searching for the name in the Games menu. On the home screen, we will have many suggestions that we can scroll through the Next and Previous buttons.

2.) Like every Game Role-respecting, playing for the first time in Battle for Wesnoth can be traumatic to say the least: it is absolutely necessary to practice the very useful tutorial to understand the basic controls and strategy basics. In general, the gameplay is typical of the games belonging to its kind: you have to prepare their armies, choosing from the various races present, like dwarves, elves and trolls. Each of them will have unique features and weak points. Taking a cue from the strategic shift, the battles take place on a hexagonal grid where their battle units can be positioned.

3.) This has an important implication: the defense points are based solely on the type of land on which there are the fighters. There are also different types of damage (drilling, impact, etc.) and the day-night cycle, all of which expand and make more varied gameplay. The factions are six in total: you can choose the Rebels, the Alliance of Knalga, the Loyalists, the Northern People, the Undead and the Dragons. The single player campaigns are present since the distribution of the game, and can be replenished with those in Multiplayer.

4.) Also in the Battle for Wesnoth is a multiplayer mode. It will see us challenge against other networked users or to host a battle on the net. Selecting Menu, scroll down the options and click on multiplayer. Later we will have to enter the Login, if we were checking in on the Battle for Wesnoth website, or select the Host button to host the game. As mentioned above, the great editor included in the game opens up new possibilities, allowing you to significantly extend the longevity, already excellent as RPG tradition, the title. The facts can be created new campaigns, no additional costs from other users in the single player game.