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The Rally, especially in our country, it is a discipline widespread. The fans have always supported in rather vehement various incarnation proposals under official license, especially by Milestone. The product, renamed WRC, has captured the attention of the hardcore fans of the discipline not only because-right now-only title in possession of the officially licensed rally substantially unrivaled in the field, but also to a realization quite accurate and convincing.

Bolstered by the support of the public milestone is fiercely determined to continue upon his way, treading the path already traced by the saga exactly as you did for SBK. At the gates of a 2013 full of surprises and release of great value, then, is coming WRC 3 – third iteration of the series that promises a refinement of the overall mechanical driving and some little news here and there. After having tested the features in a Greek trip, just a few months ago, it is now time to have a closer look, thanks to a code recently arrived in the newsroom. The title remember, will be available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Regarding the offer playful basic WRC 3 does not differ, a bully by his predecessors, and in doing so some interesting addition going to make changes rather interesting. From the main menu, you can choose to play a Quick Race, a career or get on track against the virtual pilots around the world via Xbox Live or PSN (option in our code locked).


The Quick Race will allow us to familiarize ourselves out of any single test of any rally, or to take advantage of the usual options and Rally Championship, to compete in a single rally (consisting of all the stages in a location or from a personal selection of them) or take an entire league customizing, also in this case, many aspects. In each of these variants will have immediately the right to select one of the official teams, testing each car in the bottom of this in the major category (WRC) and minor (Class 2 and 3), present in full in this third incarnation of the rally Milestone.

We can serve the possibilities offered by these early methods for testing the waters of the various proposed internships – all thirteen official ones. Quite divergent career, where first we have to create an identity for the pilot and co-pilot: There will be a real editor for the physical or somatic cells of the two, but we will form a sort of identity card, in the second instance, the ability to select two avatars from a predefined list.

It will start then-usual-from the lowest of the categories, with such as high hope and a fleet rather limited, as well as poor performance. Race after race, in a series of events that will take us around the world, so we have to build our reputation, earning scores in two special categories. These are the Skill Points and Points Performance, which will channel at the end of each test in the Fama, the real measure of our glory.

To earn these points will require good conduct of the race – the Performance Points will be accumulated only in the light of the final position, while Skill Points conducting a series of maneuvers in a particularly spectacular and clean. Each event will provide access to three of these particular points, with three thresholds to be overcome by controlling the drift in tight corners, closing areas in clean and gaining positions. Accumulate Fame, finally, will be the only way to unlock the more advanced races, get sponsors to ” decorate ” their cars (initially remains) and earns more performance, as well as have the possibility to sign contracts for major categories.


From the point of view of the game play from the first moments, we realize the tangible differences between this and the previous episode, mainly concentrated in the handling of the cars. The cars immediately demonstrated their peculiarities, often forcing to adapt the style of play. Particularly interesting news about the physics applied in the driving model – look carefully kept.

The load transfer returns sensations much more convincing than the previous version, and the grip on varied terrain (gravel, asphalt, ice, earth …) ensures continuous and credible variations, for a total of a spectrum rather complete. The driving system, in short, convincing, thanks to the usual excellent maneuverability and interior visual yield, which eliminate almost a pin still perceptible effect using external ones. As far as driving aids give a big hand to video player less experienced, most will certainly be happy to hear that WRC 3 is a title very difficult to master.


Just about aid we can say that the new incarnation of the Milestone really is extremely adaptable. Besides the more common ABS and TCS are entitled to ” even out ” the aggressiveness of drivers is controlled by the CPU and the braking assistance. Our test showed primarily as the CPU it is claimed also to the lowest level, and secondly as a help brake, hated by purists, certainly permits to drive in a ” carefree ” but it is unlikely to excel.

With the activation of the same, we can almost never be aggressive in incoming and outgoing from a variant, forced by the system to slow down when and as indicated by the same. A recovery of the global left us genuinely excited. Overall, even with the introduction of atmospheric conditions (not dynamic), the game play seems solid and even more credible than the previous incarnation. A title to keep an eye on short, both for fans and for those who did not yet approach this particular discipline gridlock.


From the graphical point of view, the latest revision of the Engine does not convince spike to 100%. The models of cars, as usual, you are presented nothing short of impeccable and also textures associated with them do not offer open to criticism. The same cannot be said of the much-coveted “contour” . If the track itself shows characteristics rather positive (excellent realization of surfaces, particle quality in quantity …), just look away a few feet to see that, in essence, not much has changed. Move away-even slightly-from the path will show the usual texture in low definition and a set of details that, while increasing their number, you cannot boast of painstaking realization of what is shown in the foreground.


A visual sector still marked by chronic defects (such as tearing), demonstrating that milestone has not gone too far, his canonical limits, perhaps because of a lack of resources that would seem impossible to meet. The frame rate, in any case, is constant 30fps and on-screen, between a hairpin and a rise, a good array of defects described disappears, leaving a good glance, mainly due to the excellent characterization of the stage – taken in an extremely credible by the real-life counterparts.

Since the ear also wants its part, the dev team wanted a lot of work within this area, going in the first place to record samples for each motor vehicle present. The vehicles ” play ” so in a different way, immersing the player in three hundred and sixty degrees in the race. To close, as icing to the cake, there is discrete implementations of the co-pilot, recorded using real actors who have clearly been able to make an impression ” realistic ” at all.

WRC 3 - FIA World Rally Championship 2012 - Playstation 3
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WRC 3 - FIA World Rally Championship 2012 - Playstation 3
  • Official game of the World Rally Championships

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