A GeForce GTX 970 cooled for SLI by Gigabyte

With the card GTX 970 Twin-Turbo, Gigabyte proposes a cooling system that allows to ensure a more effective air exchange when two or more boards are mounted in parallel in the system.

Propose video cards that are significantly different from competing solutions, with the same GPU used, it is increasingly difficult. One way is to be somewhat creative with the design, looking for solutions that can be useful in some areas more specific use.

A recent example comes from Gigabyte GTX 970 Twin-Turbo, the product based on the GeForce GTX 970 which sees the combination of a PCB of small size and a fan type blower. Thanks to this design the air is sucked so much from the front as from the back of the card and conveyed to the radiator in direct contact with the video chip.

The resulting, according to Gigabyte, is that of a function of the GPU at a lower temperature and an increase until 24% of the quantity of air transported along the card. But most of all this design brings benefits in the presence of multi-GPU configurations based on SLI technology, in which the proximity of the tabs can lead to problems of overheating of one or of both cards present in the system. Moving air on both sides of the card Gigabyte believes that it can obtain a more efficient cooling of the card just when the GPU are two side by side.

Gigabyte GTX 970

The technical specifications provide GPU at 1,101 MHz basic clock, with a frequency of boost clock which reaches 1,241 MHz: this is the selected data from the card enabling the ” OC Mode “, while with the ” Gaming Mode “, the data drop slightly 1,076 MHz and 1,216 MHz. For the 4 Gbytes of memory video is the actual frequency of 7 GHz, thus identical to that of the reference design NVIDIA. More information on this product is available on the Gigabyte to this address.