Chrome: Flash content paused to preserve the battery life

Google announced a new feature for Chrome that allows you to reduce the consumption of resources of the browser, and, consequently, increase the operational autonomy in web browsing on your device.

Adobe Flash is not the most efficient programming language available on the web. Although it is intended to cover a small part of the web, it is still used on many pages, and for playback of complex content. These are often not strictly useful for content, and you do not pay much attention, but that impact on the battery life of the device.

Just to reduce to a minimum any waste of resources when browsing online, Google has partnered with Adobe to make more efficient use of the plug-in within your Chrome. ” When you’re on a web page running Flash content, we will put in pause the content (such as Flash animations) that are not central to the page, keeping active while playing the central contents ” (such as video).” It has informed the company within a post.

chrome flash disable

” If we break something in which you are interested, you can simply click on it to start playing again. ” The novelty, according to Google, will reduce ” significantly ” the consumption of resources by the browser so you can surf the Internet more durable on a single charge. The feature is already on by default in the latest versions of Chrome on the desktop release beta channel and when disabled, it can be set manually in the browser settings.

Chrome is one of the best browsers available on the square, as well as being the most common. The impact it has on system resources (such as RAM) is very high if paid to that of another similar software. It is clear that Google is trying to remedy these small problems: not long ago had stated to be working on a fix to reduce the consumption of RAM application, but now is working with other companies to make more efficient devices portable.

Google has also promised to be laid further news in this regard in the coming months, with the aim to make Chrome more efficient than ever.