Discounts on Amazon to celebrate the twentieth anniversary: ​It will be better than Black Friday

Amazon calls it ” the greatest day of offerings ” on the portal of e-commerce. It will be on July 15 and will allow only users Prime, access to several exclusive promotions.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the birth of the service, Amazon introduced ” Prime Day “, a shopping event ” global ” with a multitude of limited time offers. The company refers to Black Friday, the same event that the company has made famous worldwide, but noted that there will be more offers and all enclosed in twenty-four hours. The event will be available only for user’s Prime of some countries.

Amazon will celebrate the first twenty years after the creation on July 15, 2015. The company was born in 1994 with the name of, and to establish it was the same Bezos which is still at its helm. The online portal was launched to the public until the following year as a library online, expanding quickly with the sale of physical products. For today on Amazon are the products of the categories as diverse as gardening items to a more modern electronic device.

Discounts will be available exclusively for subscribers to the Prime throughout the day of 15 July, and promotions will be updated approximately every 10 minutes. All product categories are likely to be affected to the offers of the Prime Day. It is clear that the new budget should be understood as an attempt to get users to subscribe Prime or to try it for free.

” Prime Day is a one-day event that contains most of the Black Friday offers, exclusively for members. Prime of all the world, ” said Greg Greeley, vice president of Amazon Prime. ” If you’re not a Prime member, you can access the offer so as not to miss one of the biggest promotional events around the world. ” Prime Day will then be available not only for the old Prime users, but also for members of the last days.

The event will be available in the US, UK, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Austria. In the beautiful country subscription to Amazon Prime annual costs $ 19.99, with a doubling of the price due to some recent changes. Users can still access to a trial period of thirty days free (also for access to the balances of the Prime Day), concluded that they will not be forced to continue the subscription.