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DJI Matrix 600, The drone for aerial shooting with film cameras such as the RED

The new esacottero DJI matrix 600 (M600) with gimbal Ronin-MX has a payload of 6kg and is able to keep flying for 15 minutes bringing on board a RED camera.

The use of drones is one of the small revolutions that affected the world of video footage in recent years: we must not think only of aerial photography, but many situations where before they were used video cameras mounted on vehicles or simply cranes today find a solution much simpler in the use of a drone.

One of the critical points of this type of equipment is certainly useful to transport the load, so the smallest can mount only action camera and compact versions, while already to bring a mirrorless with quality optics, a professional camera or an SLR serve multicopter larger vehicles, power and flow.

And when it comes to digital cameras film, the speech becomes more complicated, even for the fact that hang a camera from several thousand dollars to a drone near its limit load may be an idea unwise.

DJI Matrix 600DJI, Chinese manufacturer ahead of the curve with regard to the current production of drones, has a solution for this problem with the new DJI Matrix 600 (M600) of which the other news, the gimbal Ronin-MX, you the perfect companion to bring in-flight cameras such as RED.

It is an airplane with a payload of 6kg, able to keep flying, also thanks to the presence of well 6 batteries, for 35 minutes with the lighter head with integrated camera and action for 15 minutes with the new Ronin- and RED MX camera.

The drone is guided by radio control A3 Flight Wave Controller (which can be upgraded to A3 Pro version) and provides 3G-SDI output (1080p up to 60 fps using Lightbridge 2), but also USB and mini-HDMI.

The ratings speak for a maximum speed of 18 m / s and a maximum altitude above sea level of 2,500 meters. The drone weighs just over 9kg and free field has a 5km range (3.5 km in Europe). Prices are professional equipment: $4,599 for the drone Matrix 600 and $ 5,999 for the version with gimbal Ronin-MX.

DJI Matrice 600 Includes Camrise Lanyard and Camrise USB
  • Works with Zenmuse Gimbals / Cameras - DJI A3 Flight Control System
  • Works with Ronin-MX Gimbal - Controllable with DJI Go App
  • Up to 33 Pound Total Take-Off Weight - Retractable Landing Gear

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