Galaxy Note 5, new details and Edge version without S-Pen

According to new rumors brought to light by SamMobile, the new variant of the phablet Korean with curved screen may not incorporate the unique features typical of the series.

Known at the time as the Project Noble, Galaxy Note 5 could be unveiled at IFA 2015, and not in July as some would argue rumors denied by the CEO of Samsung Mobile. More details on the next phablet and its variant Edge were released from SamMobile, often proved reliable source about news not yet official South Korean manufacturer.

It seems that the first version with curved screen has been renamed from Project Zen in Project Zero 2, nomenclature quite similar to that used in the design phase of Galaxy S6. Even the internal code of ” Zero 2 “, MS-G928, is very similar to the smartphone’s 5.1” feature that suggests a change of direction on the part of leaders and technicians of the company.

According to the change of nomenclature, SamMobile supposed variant Edge is simply a version of Galaxy S6 Edge display with oversized. It is possible that Samsung is thinking of an implementation less radical – and if we are in the business – even on curved display phablet, with fewer features but with a double curvature. In addition, it may have removed to support the S-Pen stylus.

Both Galaxy Note 5 (MS-N920) that Project Zero 2 (SM-G928) will be offered with specific accessories, with which Samsung could announce even a cover with integrated keyboard among them, according to reports leaked on SamMobile. The source also becomes unbalanced on hypothetical technical specifications of the flat variant, which will have an AMOLED display or 2K, for the first time on mobile 4K.

Under the shell, Samsung could introduce their own Exynos 7422, evolution, again octa-core SoC that we have already seen on Galaxy S6, and will be maintained to support the S-Pen. It will apparently be fewer capable variant edge, with a display of 5.4″ or 5.5 ” with a double curve, a hexa-core Snapdragon processor 808 and a 16-megapixel camera with OIS module:

In the first few weeks of release, Samsung has failed to respond to huge demand for Galaxy S6 Edge and it was forced to speed up production for a product apparently very successful. It appears that the manufacturer wants to operate the same strategy also in terms phablet, with a product designed more to meet the needs of the mass audience, not the professional.

That the next Galaxy Note will have a dual-edge variation is not surprising, but the news could get with a sharp cut in the feature historical family phablet South Koreans, and we do not know at this point we would look upon as the most demanding enthusiasts of the brand.