Galaxy S6 victim of a software bug loses the toggle from the center notifications

Many users of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 are complaining about a strange problem possibly related to a software bug that disappear from the center toggle notifications for seemingly unknown reasons.

Several users from many different sources found an annoying bug on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The two devices flagship Samsung ” lose ” some parts of the screen shortcuts in the center notifications. Specifically, some keys to enable or disable the feature of the device disappear after a period of use the smartphone for reasons unknown to date.

The Arab division of the company was among the first to release some details of a possible solution of the problem: to regain all you need to toggle to backup and restore your device to factory. It is still unclear if the buttons disappear again later, or if the ” fix ” is able definitively to solve the annoying problem.

The image on the right shows the bug in action - Source: PhoneArena.
The image on the right shows the bug in action – Source: PhoneArena.

Some users on XDA argue that it is not a bug, but a feature of the software that eliminates the less used toggle menu. The observation is contradicted by other sources, which often instead confirm that the toggle are eliminated even the most widely used, such as the key for the cellular networks, to airplane mode or personal hotspot.

Other users on XDA have released instead of APK modified rehabilitating some of the toggle removed without the need to perform a factory reset. This is an unofficial fix for which we do not recommend the installation, although does not require root permissions. At the moment, we can only wait for a response on the a part of Samsung, and the release of an official fix to permanently delete the annoying bugs.