Gaming notebooks: A small segment in volume, but interesting as growth

Asus, Lenovo and MSI are the three main companies involved in the notebook PC industry for gamers, a market that still has reduced numbers, but which on paper represents an attractive growth path.

One of the most exciting market sectors, in the PC world, is linked to the notebook for gamers. Once bulky systems, heavy and easily transportable have gradually transformed into solutions that are not comparable to the ultra-thin but which can ensure a good match between space and computing power.

Together with the 2-in-1 solutions systems for gamers are those that record positive growth rates, while continuing to remain a well defined niche within the market. And Asustek, according to a statement by Digitimes, the producer can sell the largest number of notebook PC for gamers.

We’re at 90,000 PCs sold during the month of February, with flared Lenovo threshold 40,000 and Taiwan’s MSI with about 20,000. In this list, we must not overlook Acer, which has long been engaged in the development of notebook solutions for gamers.

There are large numbers at all, considering how the year will be sold around 150 million portable PCs, but in the future this may become a very interesting field for some of the companies involved due to higher average margins that you can get from PC notebook for gamers.

PC manufacturers are looking for new market niches to oversee, through which improved profitability and least able in part to change the tendency that wants to declining sales for PC solutions overall.

The availability of for gaming notebook, which are of a generally very high computing power, which are based on non-bulky chassis cannot fail to expand the base of users who watch with interest to this kind of solutions.