Google Inbox even for professionals

Advanced ways to manage the mail Inbox integrated into Google will soon offer for the professional user. In a first step will be involved only a limited number of users. Been about five months since Google unveiled Google Inbox for the consumer segment, and now the project is extended also including professional customers. The new service is called Google Inbox for Work and covers all color that access to premium services of Google dedicated professionals.

With Inbox by Google intends to offer a new way to manage your email, a way that is possibly more convenient, fast and productive. It starts from a concept – shared – that using the email across multiple devices is often loses time managing the last messages received, and potentially they are not even the most important.

The challenge is to propose to the user posts a priority, trying to give priority to the most important and significant, then filtering differently others. A good job is done already analyzing the messages themselves and such as grouping related content notifications, social network or the like.


But there is a part of ” intelligence ” which is educated and is learned from Inbox by analyzing the user’s habits. So far, everything has been thought for the consumer audience and now these new rules that will make up the intelligence of Inbox for Work will also cover business environments. And to best meet these needs Google has provided a progressive access to Inbox for Work: starting from next month a small group of users can use the service by committing to collaborate in this first phase.

Following the service will be extended to all professional users of Gmail; all the details on how to access scheduled for next month are available here.