Google Now adds support for third-party applications

Google has announced that its virtual assistant can access the information on 40 of the third-party applications on Android. The most characteristic aspect of the virtual assistant’s Mountain View, Google Now, is related to its ability to automatically provide specific information on the basis of the interests of the user. Starting from the huge amount of information that Google now knows, and kindly asking our consent, Google Now will show us what we want to know without having to ask.

Until a few days ago, Google Now showed only information obtained from proprietary services, but the limit was eliminated. The company announces the fact that the application for Android devices has been updated and can show cards from the data contained in 40 different third-party applications. In the list of the top software are compatible TripAdvisor, eBay, Shazam and Waze, among many.

Big G has partnered with more than 30 partners to complete the implementation of the functionality, and has already pledged support to a larger number of third-party applications in the near future. Supported services offer advantages significantly different from each other: The Guardian informs us of the new development. We recommend that the Pandora music to listen to while Duolingo, we can remember to complete the Spanish class left in half.


Several boards will also appear as a function of where we are. Once landed from a flight, for example, a card will help us to order a passage with LYFT, if you were using the service of course. Google stresses that the roll out of the update application has already begun and should be completed within the next few weeks for all Android users. For more information, visit this address, which reads the list of the top forty applications compatible with the new Google Now.