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Google Now Launcher will soon be removed from the Play Store on Android

Google has informed the partners that Google Now Launcher will soon be deleted from the official store. This is the first move to expand Pixel Launcher to all devices?

Google Now Launcher is the ideal solution for all Android users who want a simple interface, clean and ” stock ” on your device. It has appeared on the Google Play store in 2014 and allows custom terminals heavily on third-party manufacturers to have an experience of use as close as possible to that of the Nexus. For the transformation, it was necessary to just go on the Store, download the app and set it as the default launcher.

The Google launcher course allows you to rely on the services of the company, including, in particular, the search, available on all pages, and Google Now, fast-executable manner. But as reported by Android Police, Google Now Launcher has the hours counted on Play Store: the company would sent letters to OEM partners stressing that the app will be ” withdrawn ” in the first quarter of 2017, although those who use it He will continue to do so.

The letter reads that the trading partners using the Google interface owner will continue to do so, this will not be available on Google Play Store for end users (and probably no longer be updated). The maneuver was still pending since the company now also offers the new Pixel Launcher exclusive only to new devices Pixel family. The two launchers are a kind of activators.

The interface code is present within the Google, with launcher that do nothing but subscribe or allow the user to turn on some options. There are still doubts about the motives of the removal of Google Now Launcher: Google wants to make its unique interface for Pixel, or simply want to consolidate the two interfaces in a single solution making the most modern available on a higher number of devices?

This could enable Google Assistant, the new virtual assistant of Big G, on a number of larger devices, without imposing it on just as exclusive as Pixel still happening. The news hook to the rumor about the new LG G6, which could be the first non-Google smartphone to implement the Mountain View Assistant, with the server so that the same could come soon on the latest Nexus smartphone through the next ” major update “.

Combining all the information at our disposal is likely that the merger of Google Now Launcher and Pixels Launcher is to be connected to the expansion of the roll-out of Google Assistant mode that comes close to the modus operandi of the company with its mobile platform.

Moreover, even the same Google Now Launcher initially was offered only on Nexus, and then be expanded on many other models of third-party devices offered with proprietary customizations.

Confining his new interesting Google Assistant only on proprietary products, which have not yet a big user base, there does not seem a wise move especially if we consider the volume of research that are carried out every day on the Big G.

Search Engine with Amazon that is slowly expanding Alexa to third-party manufacturers there it’s obvious that Google wants to do it with his Assistant. Apart from that, also, Pixel Launcher is already available for unofficial ways as APK and can also be installed on non Pixel smartphone.