Google offers 2GB of additional Google Drive, here is what to do to them

Google celebrates the Safer Internet Day with a tempting proposal for all users of Google Drive. I simply need to fill out a quick questionnaire to get 2GB of storage on the cloud service. On February 10, was celebrated Safer Internet Day (SID), annual celebration of 11 years now where you promote a more prudent and responsible use of online tools, especially among younger people. To celebrate the event, Google announced that it would offer 2GB of additional space on your drive, as long as the affected user to complete a quick questionnaire safety on his account.

The new offer of Big G might seem of little interest. We must consider that, unlike the proposed Microsoft, storage space obtained on Drive will be permanent. To get the Google Drive 2 GB simply direct their browsers to this page and complete the security check once you log in with our Google Account.

In the first step, we will simply confirm and verify the credentials of access, while in subsequent steps the tool allows us to check the recent activity implemented with Google’s services, with the aim to detect if there were any, activities ” suspicious or not family “. With its questionnaire, Google also obliges you to pay attention to some sensitive aspects of his account and manage access by third-party app.

Once you have completed all the steps and got to the final page we will be greeted by a series of green check marks indicate that the successful outcome of the questionnaire. The 2 GB will be ” credited ” for free on your account, around 28 February 2015, and the user will be notified via an email sent to the account beneficiary.

The initiative, which will end February 17, is very attractive in terms of safety, even if it does not consider the offer because it wants to promote a procedure to be performed regularly to keep an eye on what is happening on your account. With the attractive offer, also, Big G wants to make sure that the credentials entered are reliable, why not be able to get some more information on our account that maybe we did not enter correctly.