Google: soon to debut the button BUY in searches

According to new rumors, Google could enter the world of online shopping with a new button ” Buy “.

Often, but not always, if we look for a product on Google means that we are interested in purchasing it. This concept is based on one of the news of the coming weeks that will be introduced on the search engine of Big G, at least as reported by the Wall Street Journal. With a one-click ways to buy a product, you want to go into an area now dominated by Amazon and eBay.

According to the report of the eminent US publication, the mobile version of Google Search will appear buttons ” Buy ” alongside the results for products compatible with the functionality. The new element will be part of an advertising program called ” Shop on Google ” ,  which advertisers will sign up to participate. The keys appear  just next to the services that have signed up, and not all of the   contents displayed on the research.

By clicking on the ” Buy ” users will be directed to another page of the search engine in which know the details on the product. The transaction will be handled by the dealer who had tied  the third search result. Google is already in talks with some retailers, among which the name of US chain Macy’s, which could be among those already available at the launch of the new option.

The budget assumed by the Journal could represent a profound change for Google Search, which, disguised as a search engine, make the company a reseller in all respects. Not all potential participants were enthusiastic about the news with some who have expressed being negotiated several concerns about a potential ” loss of identity online ” for themselves.

Under the program, Google will still allow buyers access to any promotion’s site, and all the technical will be managed by the same dealer. Google receives the information of the payments took place, with the only direct source of revenue that will be on the use of its advertising model. Unlike Amazon and eBay, Big G will not any percentage on the purchase made through its channel.

The initiative is decidedly brilliant. That of online shopping is a market that still has a lot of potential to be expressed, and when more and more transactions are ordered through mobile devices. Provide the opportunity to complete the purchase already by the search engine user would avoid many unnecessary steps, and at the same time would allow Google to enter a market leading role in exploiting his product by far the most widespread.