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More than half of the Internet traffic is not generated by human beings

New research has shown that 52% of web traffic is generated by bots. Overtaking on humans occurred during the course of 2016.

Most of the ” users ” who visit the web pages are not human beings. This was revealed by a new study of the security company Imperva within its annual note on the online bot activity. The major users of the web bots, programs developed to perform automated activities. They are the real web workers, trying to perform operations effectively with many different purposes, even ” violent ” such as large DDoS attacks.

All bots are responsible for 52% of web traffic, and the number represents an indicative turnaround seen that since Imperva has memory (from 2012), human trafficking had always had the better of what automated. The analysis was carried out on a base of about 17 billion page views of 100,000 different domains and emphasizes not only the rapid surge of the bots in general, but also a greater spread of bot bad.

The purposes with aggressive programs were responsible for 29% of web traffic, while those ” good ” they have produced only 23%: ” The most alarming statistic of this survey is also the most persistent trend looking, ” she wrote the marketing director of Imperva, Igal Zeifman, announcing the results. ” Over the past five years, every third visitor of the various web pages was an attack bot. ”

In other words, more than 94% of the 100,000 domains analyzed in the report addressed a bot attack in 90 days on which it is based study of society. The bots come in and out from sites regardless of their popularity among humans. They try to replicate the behavior of a user in the flesh. Among the most active bot benefits we have the fetcher feed, bots that update the web page of a user on Facebook, and that alone account for 4.4% of the web traffic.

We also bots of the search engines, spiders for extraction of data for commercial purposes, bot for monitoring websites. They are often completely invisible except site administrators, but other types of bots can be recognized very easily.

Sometimes they are not pretty, but usually are not dangerous. The danger is especially hidden in the bot used to perform DDoS attacks, which occupied 24% of web traffic in the last year. Among these we find various types of malware, as Nitol, Cyclone and Mirai, which resulted in October malfunction on the Internet in the US. Other bots may be used for data theft or to search for possible security vulnerabilities to exploit.

That we are going to face you might be called the ” Bot Age “, the age of Bot, and now many investment companies that are looking forward to exploiting the phenomenon in order to further inflate their capital.