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The hi-tech gift ideas for Christmas 2016

A collection with the best gift ideas for Christmas 2016 for technology lovers. From video games, to the drones via smartphones and VR viewers, here is the best gifts for this Christmas.

Every Christmas presents the exact same problem: gifts. Despite the many ideas that we have been available, it is not easy to buy the perfect Christmas gift in 2016 for our family, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, office colleagues, grandparents and why not, even the animals. Fortunately, every year the technology offers us the gift ideas at a user-friendly: the timeless smartphone up to VR viewers is really very easy to choose the perfect gift. The important thing is to establish a budget and look for the product that meets your requirements. Here is a compilation with the best tech gifts for Christmas 2016.

The best Christmas gifts 2016 for gamers

The gaming world offers many gift ideas for Christmas 2016, able to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding people. If you do not want to waste time searching for the games to suit the tastes of your partner, the easiest choice is a console. The Xbox One S and the PlayStation 4 Pro are the two new devices launched on the market by Microsoft and Sony. Excellent console are two, and both support 4K resolution and HDR (High Dynamic Range), the new television standard that in the future will replace the HD. If, you are looking for something more original, Nintendo launched the NES consoles of the 80s and a true icon for all those born in the early 70s.

If your budget does not permit sprees, video games are the best alternative. Choose a video game among many come out in 2016 is not a simple decision. Our recommendations are: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End as far as RPGs, Titanfall 2 for First-Person Shooter and NBA 2K17 for sports simulation videogames. Finally a special mention for Forza Horizon 3 exclusive title for the Microsoft world and among the best ever headlines regarding racing game.

In the event that consoles and video games do not meet your taste, there are still some possibilities to find the perfect Christmas gift in 2016 for a gaming enthusiast. The gaming keyboard from Razer Deathstalker Ultimate, which incorporates an LCD screen to change settings on the fly of video games and mouse Logitech G900 offers as many as 11 buttons can be programmed to suit your needs.

Christmas gifts 2016 for lovers of virtual reality

If you also have a friend who loves technology and buy the products immediately after the launch, the best gift for Christmas 2016 can only be a VR viewer. Virtual reality is one of the most interesting technologies on the market and promises in the coming years to completely change the entertainment world.

On the market, different models are available, each with different characteristics and with different price. It ranges from the Google Cardboard that can be purchased for just over $15, up to the HTC Lives which costs nearly $1,000. Another Christmas gift idea 2016 very interesting is the new PlayStation VR viewer, developed by Sony to offer gamers an experience of innovative and diverse game. Finally, to fully tap the potential of VR viewers you must have a video card that supports virtual reality: the Nvidia 1070 GTX GPU is one of the best for value for money and a Christmas present in 2016 that fans of virtual reality not. They will appreciate.

The best Christmas gifts 2016 ideas for the music lovers

Headphones, speakers and clock radios. But not only. Whether for Christmas 2016 you decided to give your partner a themed musical product, the products are certainly not lacking. To be safe you can buy one of the many wireless headsets available on e-commerce online stores. The Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 2 are among the best on the market and provides a range of at least four or five hours. The price is about $200.

If, you are looking for an original idea, you can choose between a turntable for vinyl and a speaker that connects to your smartphone and lets you play your favorite songs in the open air. In this case, the price varies between $100 and $500, depending on the product that you will decide to buy.

The Hi-tech gift ideas for him

New GoPro Hero4 SessionYou do not know what to give your boyfriend for Christmas 2016? Here are some hi-tech gift ideas interesting. If you want to play it safe, the smartphone is the perfect Christmas gift in 2016. This year there are many interesting devices, but among the best as far as value for money is definitely the OnePlus 3T. You can buy it for $545 on the official website of the manufacturer. If your boyfriend is a sports lover, you can choose between the GoPro Hero 5 Black, latest action cam US company and FitBit Charge 2, fitness tracker that allows you to keep track of their training, the beats, the heart and the quality of sleep. The price, in both cases, exceeds $115.

The Hi-tech gifts for her

Women are complicated and choose the perfect gift for Christmas 2016 is not simple. Unless it does not tell you what she wants, you will need to squeeze your brains and look for the best solution. That can come from the world of technology. Who does not like to receive for Christmas 2016 the new iPhone 7? If you do not have budget problems, the new iPhone is the perfect gift for your girl. If, instead, you want to be a little multiple originals, you can offer a turntable to make them listen to his favorite songs or Breville One-Touch Tea Maker, an IoT device that allows you to prepare your tea with a simple touch. The expense in both cases can exceed $220.

The hi-tech gift ideas for office colleagues

The exchange of gifts with their colleagues during the Christmas dinner has become a habit even in Italy. If you are on a budget and make happy for your neighbor desk, technological gifts are the only choice. And there are solutions for all budgets. If your colleague is a fan of video games, will appreciate the new Nintendo NES console with within thirty of the most beloved video games of all time. If, instead, you want to bet on an original gift idea for Christmas 2016, you can purchase a USB fan that your colleague will be connected to the PC and use it during the hot summer days.

Christmas gifts 2016 for photography lovers

Those who think that by their photographer friend, the unique gift can be a new camera, wrong. The world of photography is diverse and provides many different and original gift ideas for Christmas 2016. How, for example, instant printers, compact printers which can be carried safely in the bag and allow you to immediately print their favorite photos, even from smartphones.

Another gift much appreciated by photographers is the tripod: the Manfrotto is one of the industry leaders and tripod Compact Series is among the best as far as value for money. If, instead, you decided to give away a camera, the Nikon D5500 is one of the last models produced by the Japanese company. SnapBridge thanks to technology, you can instantly share photos taken on their social profiles. The price exceeds $500.

The hi-tech gift ideas for Christmas 2016 for their animals

They are our most trusted friends and make our lives happier. We are talking of home animals: dogs, cats but also birds that keep us company and with their affection improve our days. They too deserve a technological gift for Christmas 2016, and the ideas, fortunately, are not lacking. Starting from Petcube, a small device connected, which allows you to keep track of the movements of their pets even when we are not at home. Alternatively, you can give to your friend to four legs Tractive Motion, an activity tracker developed specifically for animals and that will allow to find out if your friend has been greased.

Christmas gifts 2016 for lovers of good food and wine

Technology has invaded our kitchens with products that have simplified the way of cooking. Crock-Pot is a pot designed specifically for a slow kitchen and distance: the user can remotely control the pan when turning on and at what temperature. For wine lovers, on the other hand, the ideal Christmas gift 2016 Plum, a smart cellar which automatically recognizes the bottle and set the right temperature. Also it allows you to store wine up to ninety days, thanks to a special technique that uses argon gas to pressurize the inside of the bottle.

Best drones to give away on Christmas

Phantom 4 DroneFor big kids who still feel, the drone is one of the best gifts for Christmas 2016. The Quadcopter the market is increasing more and more valuables as demonstrated by the large number of models available on the market. Very often the cost is quite high, but you can also find drones affordable. For an original tech gift, you can opt for JetJat, the smallest drone in the world with a built-in camera. You can manage it directly from the controller and has a range of 5 minutes. For something more professional, you can buy one of the models produced by DJI, a company with several years of industry experience. Definitely not lacking options, the harder it is to choose.

Gift ideas for the smart home

For a truly technological and innovative Christmas gift, you can give to their friends some device for the connected home. How, for example, the Smart Light bulb LB100 by TP-Link, an intelligent system bulbs which gives the possibility to the user to manage them remotely through an application for smartphones. Honeywell is a smart thermostat that can be connected to the boiler house and managed via smartphones and tablets. For a friend with the phobia of thieves you can give him on Christmas 2016 Arlo camera wire-free, which connects to the Wi-Fi home network and sends the images directly to the user’s mobile phone.

The best Christmas gifts 2016 for sports fans

For sports fans gift ideas for Christmas 2016 are certainly not lacking. We are spoiled for choice between fitness tracker and smartwatch. You can opt for one of the wearable made by Fitbit, a leader in the industry and with several years of experience on the shoulders. The Fitbit Blaze is the perfect synthesis between an activity tracker and one smartwatch: integrates the sensors that allow you to keep track of their physical activity and through the screen of the smartphone, you can receive notifications. If, you are looking for a watch dedicated exclusively to the runner, the Garmin Forerunner 235 includes a GPS sensor to track the distance traveled.

Through the application you can analyze, all the data collected. The Apple Watch Nike+ is the best smartwatch to give away at Christmas to running enthusiasts for a more complete experience. Thanks to the services offered by the two US companies can monitor every single data of your training. For an original hi-tech gift, the Li-Ning running shoes represent the last frontier of technology. Integrate a sensor in the sole that allows you to collect more accurate data. They can be purchased for about $70.