Microsoft Edge is the browser to beat: it’s faster than Chrome and Safari

Forget the ancient Internet Explorer: Microsoft Edge, the new built-in browser in Windows 10 is an entirely different dough. The first internal tests published by Microsoft show that is faster than Apple’s Safari and even Google Chrome.

Revenge of Microsoft: it could be the motto at this time circulating in the offices of Redmond where Work is ongoing to complete Windows 10, the operating system that will allow PC users to send finally retired Internet Explorer to switch to the new agile and Microsoft Edge.

The good qualities of the new Microsoft browser Edge hear about for some months, opinions and advice of beta testers who have got to try the beta versions. Now, Microsoft has published the results of some preliminary tests conducted internally from which emerge respectable performance, especially in the management of JavaScript, more and more critical to manage apps and sophisticated functions performed directly inside the browser.

According to published benchmarks, Microsoft Edge is faster than Safari is that of Chrome in the performance of their JavaScript benchmark, as shown in the screenshot that we insert at the bottom of this article. Of course, this is internal testing of the developer and only benchmark, then to test the true potential and speed in actual use must wait for, in each case it is indicators that bode well, especially Windows users already fatigued by year’s Internet Explorer no longer in step with the themes and modern browser.