Microsoft offers other 100GB of storage on OneDrive for Dropbox users

Still an amazing offer by Microsoft that not only wants to promote its cloud storage service, but also extort users to competition.

The goal of the new offer from Microsoft on OneDrive appears right now obvious: steal with force users to the service of the most successful competitor. And so the Redmond giant offers 100 GB of storage for free OneDrive for a year to all users of Dropbox, trying to retain the latter with its own cloud storage solution.

Already basic OneDrive is more palatable than Dropbox in terms of storage offered for free: when you first start the service users of Microsoft have 15 GB of storage space on the cloud, while these are only 2 GB of Dropbox. Both companies offer alternative methods to increase free space available, but the best deals are attractive for a fee.

But the war of cloud storage services is fiercer than ever, and it shows that it is not the first such as promotion by Microsoft. Only a few days ago announced a similar initiative for all users of the owner Bing Rewards, which reportedly accounted extremely simplified procedures with additional 100 GB of free space on OneDrive for two years.

It is just a promotion for American users, but also that we citizens of the beautiful country we can easily activate. In this way, you can get 215 GB of storage OneDrive in a totally free, including 100 GB will be removed after one year and the other 100 after two years. A timing more than suitable to understand the real usefulness according to our needs and subscribe, if necessary, specific plans for a fee in the future.


The new promotion that we could consider to ” stalking ” Dropbox users, is available officially for us user. Just go to this page and press the ” Verify and get my storage “. Just later have to log in with the Microsoft account and verify access to Dropbox to get after a few moments of free additional storage OneDrive.