More than 67 million devices upgraded to Windows 10 in a few days

So far, very successful for the upgrade to the new operating system Microsoft, took place without the feared problems of web traffic and clogging of the bandwidth of the networks.

Were around 14 million systems being upgraded to Windows 10 during the first 24 hours of availability of the new operating system from Microsoft; time a few days and was a tangible share 67 million systems to date, as reported by the website Windows Central to this address.

The source is anonymous, a Microsoft employee, and refers to the afternoon of July 31 according to the time zone. A given very important, which goes in parallel with a cumulated bandwidth equal to 15 Tb/s that was used as the peak maximum during the deployment to various customers. As a reference point out how Apple has touched a peak of 8 Tb/s of bandwidth during the release of the latest version of its mobile operating system iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

What the bandwidth requirements and load the OS update would generate on backbone Internet connection has been indicated before July 29 as one of the potential problems associated with the release of Windows 10. After a few days of availability, we can say that serious problems feared failed to appear and the web traffic, as overburdened by the demands of OS update, it is kept on acceptable values.

The release of Windows 10 is happening in waves: the customers holding systems based on OS Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 can upgrade for free your PC in Windows 10, but Microsoft has not chosen to allow this by now to all users but block, so as to avoid overloading and management issues of the procedure. In light of the positive results of the first few days it seems possible that the company is gradually opening up more and more number of devices that are allowed to update, and from this data migration to the new platform that are very important.