Move away from your smartphone can seriously affect the health psychic

Increasingly dependent on our devices? A new study from the University of Missouri states that move away from their smartphone can cause disturbances in cognition. Have been many studies that have tried to create an analogy between the most diverse diseases and the use or misuse of smartphones. The latest University of Missouri, argues just the opposite, namely that move away from your smartphone can cause really, physiological and psychological, with a decline in the proven performance on cognitive tests.

Posted on January 8, the study was conducted on 40 iPhone owners with the aim of better understanding the impact of the ordinary duties of the use of smartphones and understood, specifically, what happens when people are separated from their phones. The MP said that the team of researchers asked subjects to sit in a seat of a multimedia lab deceiving them about the real reasons ..

Participants were told that the purpose of their presence was to test the reliability of a bracelet for the measurement of blood pressure,in reality, they were under pressure to check what was influential smartphone on their daily lives. These had to complete a play on words, first with their iPhone close, and then moving it away. To the group of participants was told that the terminal equipment to the disturbances created as an excuse to move the location.

The researchers were able to gauge your heart rate and blood pressure, while participants also reported anxiety levels during various assignments. As a result, the team behind the study determined that the removal from the smartphone induces in people a ” state negative psychological ” encouraging, even, to bring the device if you are going to carry out a task of major importance.

” Our findings suggest that the separation from their iPhone has a negative impact on the performance of mental tasks, ” said Russell Clayton, PhD student at MU and lead author of the project. ” In addition, the results of our study suggest that the iPhone can become an extension of ourselves to such an extent that if we separate, we can verify an inferior view of ourselves and a psychological negative. ”

The team also writes: ” The researchers found a significant increase in the levels of anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure levels, as well as a significant drop in performance in the game when the participants were removed from their iPhone. ” Move away from your smartphone, also, could also lead to ” poor cognitive performance ” when trying to participate in a meeting.

The study is not the first to point out the influence that technology has in the life of every day. Dependence on smartphones has become last year a psychological pathology as the Nomophobia, with his most dangerous section derived from the fact that sufferers often not aware of it.