No more sink bundled with Intel Skylake-K

Skylake-K processors, expected to debut in the coming months, will not be combined with traditional heat sink Intel low profile; the American company recommends instead the use of a solution for TDP of 130 Watt.

Expected to debut on the market in the coming months, the Intel family Slylake processors bring various innovations and between such platforms based on the Intel 100 series and compatibility with DDR4. Compared to models of the Core family processors currently list Skylake should allow to obtain significant improvements in terms of energy efficiency, thanks to the 14-nanometer manufacturing process used for their construction.

These CPUs will be proposed in different forms, intended for different market segments in which Intel operates. There will also proposal’s Series Skylake-K for the public of the enthusiast and overclocking enthusiasts.

And to be reported for these processors like Intel suggests the use of cooling systems capable of dissipating a TDP up to 130 Watt, despite the CPU of the family K is characterized by a TDP equal to 95 Watt and a given estimated effective next to 91 Watt.

Image from xfastest
Image from xfastest

A choice of this type, which excludes the bundle with these processors of the traditional heat sink Intel lowest profile, leaves space potential to better results in terms of both overclocking both in general temperature profile of the processor during its operation. On the other hand, the overclocking enthusiasts are accustomed not to use the systems bundled with processors, addressing so-called aftermarket solutions as much air as a liquid to ensure better margins successful overclocking.