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Online the first global air pollution map

What are the least polluted areas of Italy and the Earth? One answer comes from the first global map available online pollution.

The air of some parts of the world is especially toxic. Every year, air pollution contributes to the deaths of over a million and a half people in China alone and was the legitimate need to prevent this problem that has convinced the scientist Yann Boquillod create AirVisual Earth. This is the first map that monitors air pollution all over the world on the basis of information taken from 8000 sensing ground stations and satellites.

Specifically, the interactive map shows the concentration of PM2.5, known as ” airborne particulate matter “. On the Ministry of Health website, we read the description: ” You mean the set of atmospheric solid and liquid particles suspended in ambient air.

The term PM2.5 identifies the particles of aerodynamic diameter less than or equal to 2.5 µm, a split minor aerodynamic size of PM10 and it contains “, and the most dangerous to our health.

PM2.5 has the ability to easily settle in our lungs with consequences easy to understand, even if the perception of the problem is still at very low levels. The concentration of airborne particulate material is indicated on the map with different colors: cool colors (green, blue) indicates a low density, and with different intensities of red levels of concern for human health. The user can navigate the map by dragging the mouse on the screen or by zooming.

AirVisual Earth also shows the wind trend and forecast air quality of any city in the next three days. The objective is to solve the problem worldwide awareness among the population. If the phenomenon in China is undoubtedly worrying, in the whole world it is much less: about 92% of the world population is exposed to values ​​of PM2.5 that exceed those recommended by the experts, and on an annual basis are approximately 6.5 million the estimated deaths due to pollution both indoors and outdoors.

The display has been designed ” in such a way that people understand the danger, ” he said Boquillod hoping that by informing the world population triggers a chain reaction that would convince individual governments and the international community to launch awareness campaigns on the subject.

With forecasts of 6000 global cities sent on smartphones and with the recent launch of domestic sensors to be used in indoor and outdoor AirVisual literally wants to clean up the pollution world.