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How to remove red eye with Photoshop CS

In this article, we will see how to remove red eye with Photoshop CS. Once you click a photo, many things could indeed ruin your pictures. It could, for example, appear slightly to move, or will appear precisely the effect of red-eye, which is very annoying.

It may happen that the reflection of the pupils create a brightness that is red and that remains fixed and imprinted in the film, doing so will ruin the image. Thanks to new technology, though, so you can enhance your photos, you can also improve the appearance, even managing to remove the defect. Just use the right software, namely Adobe Photoshop. Read on and find out how you can do. Happy reading and good work!

  • Adobe Photoshop is one of the most-used software for photo retouching and also the manipulation of images. Nowadays, there are very many different versions, but all of them were among the basic commands can remove red-eye. However, many other functions have been implemented.
  • The Photoshop CS is the latest version. The you can buy on the Internet by going directly to the official website of the company that produces and sells, looking through the Google search engine. You can also buy even at a computer store with no problems. It will be easy and even so, simple in its installation. For the operations to complete the installation, you will only need to install the program on your PC. Further you need to then start it by pressing twice in the icon that will appear on the desktop, or from the taskbar you will find.
  • Joints to the point you can open your image that you have to go in and fix, by clicking on ” File ” and then on ” Open. ” Now try the photo in the folder where you saved previously. If you want to better highlight the part of the image that has red eyes to make the correction, you can also do zoom with the tool that contains the red eyes to be fixed. The zoom button is located in the toolbar on the left. You will see that the icon depicts a magnifying glass. You must then select the latter element, again from the side toolbar. Later, you have to press on the instrument ” Red Eye Removal “, which translated is Red Eye Tool. You can also select the shortcut key that is with CTRL+J.
  • Now you have to press the cursor, which will become the icon of a viewfinder, on the red-eye to be corrected, pointing it in the central part of the pupil. When you have done this, you’ll have to zoom in on the next image to be corrected: the other eye or another person in the photo, finally you will have to repeat the same procedure that you just made. To complete the task, once you are satisfied with the result, you will only save the picture under a new name, or overwrite the previous one. It will be necessary to click on ” File “, then on ” Save ” or ” Save As. “