The 10 countries with the fastest Internet connections

Analyzing the data made available by Akamai can find out, which are the countries who are offered a network infrastructure better.

If the quality of ADSL or fiber connection is an indispensable feature for your choice of a hypothetical transfer, the ten countries that are below are the first to be considered. The list was published by Business Insider which is entrusted to data from Akamai, one of the most meticulous analysis company in this kind of research. The latest results date back to the fourth quarter of 2014 and show a picture as usual merciless harassed for our network infrastructure.

Akamai is a provider of services in the cloud, and thanks to its Intelligent Platform is able to draw on a daily basis over 2,000 billion interactions online, protecting customers against various types of DDoS attacks. The platform also allows you to develop numerous statistics globally, including connection speed, traffic generally related to the attacks, problems with the connectivity / network availability and traffic patterns among the leading providers of digital media.


Here are the top 10 countries that offer the fastest network infrastructures in the world:

  1. South Korea: 22.2 Mbps average – 1.6% compared to last year.
  2. Hong Kong: 16.8 Mbps average – 37% compared to last year.
  3. Japan 15.2 Mbps average – 16% compared to last year.
  4. Sweden 14.6 Mbps average – 34% compared to last year.
  5. Switzerland: 14.5 Mbps average – 21% compared to last year.
  6. Netherlands: 14.2 Mbps average – 15% compared to last year.
  7. Latvia: average speed of 13 Mbps – 25% from last year.
  8. Ireland 12.3 Mbps average – 8.4% compared to last year.
  9. Czech Republic: 12.3 Mbps average – 8.4% compared to last year.
  10. Finland 12.1 Mbps average – 33% compared to last year.