The new LG TV is 1mm thick and hangs on the wall with magnets

LG showed a prototype of a TV of the future often less than a millimeter. It is based on OLED technology, and it hangs on the wall via a magnet system.

LG showed the audience a taste of the television of the future, still in prototype stage but very interesting from a technological standpoint. It is based on a panel OLED 0.97 mm thick and weighs only 1.9 kg, so thin and light that can be hooked to the wall through a magnetic system. In this way, it can be detached like a poster, hence the temporary name of ” wallpaper “.

The result is due to the technologies whose individual OLED pixels do not require to be backlit with components separately. In this way, it is possible to produce the display operating in a reduced thickness compared, for example: to the LCD, even if with some negative aspects. OLED panels are more complex to build, and yields to date scarce element that caused costs to the public very prohibitive.

While Samsung pushes the technology in their smartphones and tablets, to against the Koreans left the market for OLED TVs because probably unprofitable. Even Sony has pulled out, with the only LG firmly believes that when the organic LED technology. With the new prototype, LG wants to affirm its commitment as an innovator in the industry, with a product that might come to market in the coming years.

The OLED TV thinner than the current lineup of LG has a profile of 4.3 mm, which makes it even more impressive given the millimeter new panel. At the base of the incredible results but there is probably a trick: all the electronics necessary for the operation may be integrated into the base, and not the panel, a factor that could determine values ​​for weight and total thickness less ” paranormal “.

The message is clear, LG: after announcing seven new OLED TVs at CES in Las Vegas, the Koreans do not want to leave the market, but it remains to be seen whether in the long term, the company will maintain the current positive towards technology. If it will the television of the future might literally be spread along the wall of our living room.