The new OS X 10.11 is called El Capitan: arrive in the fall

The code name for the new OS X 10.11 is El Capitan. The reference is to the rock face in Yosemite National Park. Numerous innovations in performance; They come from iOS APIs Metal.

OS X 10.11 will be called El Capitan. This is the first news coming from WWDC15, which did not start with the classic ” state of the nation “, a balance sheet of what has been done in the Apple world, through numbers, but going straight to the point. The name refers to the wall symbol of Yosemite and also in the name part be an evolution of the current OS. Among the changes mentioned in the foreground, in an operating system that will focus on refinements and improvements, there is an extension of the gesture.

Two areas on which the initiative of Craig Federighi who acted as reporter. It focused Apple: experience and performance. Significant funzionalitàavanzate for Spolight that allow, for example, you search using a natural language (eg. ” Find all mail Mauro which I did not answer). Confirmations for the new font system, changes in Mission Control (now with no dark background), support for new gestures, new functions for the mouse cursor, new features to Safari.

Also interesting are the new methods for managing windows in full screen in the Finder (with auto-arrange), the new version of Mail, support Metal for OS X (a function that allows developers to take advantage of the GPU). Apple says that the new system is faster (up to 1.4x for launching applications), and 40% greater efficiency in rendering in OpenCL (thanks to Metal). According to Apple, Adobe has managed to get improvements in the entire Creative Cloud to 8x and calls the routine design improvements offer up to 10x.

With the proprietary APIs of Apple, rendering the interface of the operating system will be 1.4x faster. Are then abandoned the OpenGL, to rely on a proprietary solution that we have seen on mobile devices of Apple. Metal can of course also be used by third-party app, with performance estimated eight times higher of Adobe AfterEffects applying effects rendering.

El Capitan introduced a window manager that resembles Snap Windows, or dragging an application in one end, this will be played in the same side of the screen. Recently, they have been made some complaints about the performance of the interface of Yosemite, especially on less powerful Mac. El Capitan will solve this problem by introducing Metal also on Mac OS.

Safari and Mail were also demonstrated some gesture, partly derived from iOS (swipe with two fingers to mark a message as read or delete it). In Safari are some sites can be minimized, even in Pin, sending them on the left bar and they are marked load faster. It can also be easily silenced a panel, or to understand what is coming panel audio running on one page.

The beta for developers will be available from today. The upgrade (free) for all will be available in fall.