Toshiba adds hard drive 6TB to its list Enterprise

Aligning competition, Toshiba presents these days MG04 units with capacity of 6TB, to answer the growing demand for space in the Server and Enterprise. Big Data and Cloud are the watchwords that run in the world of technology in various fields, united by a simple requirement for those who have to manage everything, which is a huge storage capacity.

While progress has led to the development of solid-state drives getting cheaper and capacious, great for many uses, in the areas just mentioned is the capacity to take priority over everything else, and SSDs cannot compete in any way with hard traditional disk both in absolute value of TB, both the ratio capacity / price.

For some time, the few remaining hard drive manufacturers are adding to their lists models of high capacity and no exception Tochiba, who announced the presentation of models to 6TB for their MG04 series, joining the current cuts to 5TB, 2TB and 4TB. The form factor is 3.5 inches while regarding the interface are available variants SATA and SAS.

Being units Enterprise are adopted some technologies to increase the security of data, such as Persistent Write Cache (PWC) that protects against problems arising from a loss of power by storing data in a special cache, as well as integrating a clever ploy to hide data in case of infringements. Technology SIE fact does not erase all the data on the disc as with other solutions, but simply immediately generates a cryptographic key different, by securing all data in fractions of seconds, rather than minutes required for a physical erasure of data.

The new units will come on the market soon at a price not yet announced. You can see the table full technical series MG04, plus another information, directly on the site Toshiba (currently missing in the list 6TB model just presented).