Upgrading to Windows 10 for free Insider, but no license for pirates

The transition from Insider Preview (beta) to the final RTM will be free according to what is revealed by Gabriel Aul, though not give a license.

The slogan chosen by Microsoft for Windows 10 is free. For the first time ever the operating system from Redmond it will be offered free of charge in the first year of release, and in the past it was thought that those who now are using a pirated version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.x will get free access to the next release. But it seems that it will not.

A clarification is once again Gabriel Aul Microsoft through its Twitter account. The same has stated that the four million Insider receive a free upgrade to the RTM version of Windows 10, which is the final version that Microsoft prepares for third-party vendors. The RTM is expected next June, so that OEMs can participate in the ” back to school ” with new products based on Windows 10.

To the question: ” To update you mean license and activation free or just update? “, Gabriel Aul has responded: ” You’ll have to upgrade to a system with a valid license for 7 or 8.x “. The platform of micro-blogging is not the best environment for insights of various kinds, mainly because limited to a few characters per answer, but it seems that Microsoft is not so willing to give in the next release of Windows to so-called ” pirates “, as the rest seemed at first.

Microsoft had recently stressed that almost everyone will be able to have the operating system for free: a new PC will pay the producer. The company will do the work, or you can upgrade for free. ” The ambiguity of the various statements is probably a date from strategies on price not yet established by Microsoft for further confirmation, and it was not until the release to the public and will take place during the summer.

What is clear right now is that those who do not have a license ” genuine ” Windows 7 / 8.x now it will have later for Windows 10, although you probably will be able to use the operating system for a period of time limited.