Wireless charging as fast as the cable: Released new specifications Qi

The new specifications Qi promises to charge speed comparable to those of the technologies Quick Charge 2.0 also by means of plates induction charging.

Wireless Power Consortium announced the new specifications of charging for the standard Qi, one of the most common among those used in the mobile for the wireless charging. According to new figures released, the induction charger for smartphones will be able to deliver up to 15W, such as to allow rapid charging the same way as the latest technologies applied on accessories Quick Charge 2.0 cable.

The technology offers so soon the realization of dishes for induction charging as effective as the most common wired charging, going to eliminate one of the downsides that compromised the spread of technology to the general public. According to the claims of WPC, also, the new specifications are backward compatible with existing charging accessories based wireless standard Qi.

In essence, it is likely that the devices available today are able to load any smartphone or tablet also comply with the new specifications Qi, also probably not benefit from the advantages in terms of faster reloading. WPC argues that, like the Quick Charge Technology 2.0, the new specification will be able to carry a smartphone from 0 to 60% in about thirty minutes to charge.

The new specifications should be embraced by third-party vendors by the end of next year, with some selected brands that initially used only.