YouTube declares war on the tool for downloading videos

The company sent a letter to the managers of one of the downloader on the web threatening legal action if the service is not closed in the near future.

TubeNinja, a site that lets you download videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Vine, has recently received a letter from the legal team of YouTube threatening legal action, if they are not eliminated the features that violate the video service Terms of Service -streaming is not permitted, according to the rules of YouTube, download video clips and watch them in local or offline. This will bypass the advertising and divide the revenue not only for Google but also for video creators.

In the letter, published by TorrentFreak, we read the explicit threat by the legal team of YouTube against TubeNinja: ” The API Terms of Service prohibit applications that separate, isolate, or editing audio-video components of any content on YouTube made available through the YouTube API, as well as applications that save copies of audiovisual content on YouTube. By continuing to violate these restrictions, there may be legal consequences for you and/or your company. ”

In short, if TubeNinja does not cease soon its activities, there could be repercussions on the company, whose rudder is a person known at the time only as Nathan. This does not believe that YouTube has the knife by the handle in any judicial process within the terms of use of TubeNinja states that the user is sure to legally use the permitted capabilities, plus Google itself admits in store for Chrome extensions the ability to install the so-called third-party downloader for YouTube videos and other services. TubeNinja, according to Nathan, does not use the YouTube API and does not violate the rules cited by the legal team of the company Google.

The YouTube victory does not seem to be so obvious, and it is to be seen whether the company will continue the legal battle. In 2012 the company threatened similar action against the website, but in that case, it is not followed any legal action.

If YouTube decides to take up the battle against TubeNinja, this might appeal to the fact that there are no precedents for similar services: ” Considering that services like Savefrom, KeepVid ClipConverter and the like are in operation since 2008, we struggle to believe that there are the basis for a lawsuit. it would like to quote a manufacturer of VHS video recorders because users record a TV show. ”

The site responded to the letter calling for more clarification on the legal position of YouTube, but currently has no plans to close the service or modify it in any of its parts.