All fishing on the Mac with the new arcade Fast Fishing

Fast Fishing is the arcade for Mac that allows all sport fishing enthusiasts to try their hand in this discipline, with immediacy and ease. For iOS is free, while for Mac costs $6.99 and you download directly from here.

The original creators of the successful game Flick Fishing, arrives on the new Mac arcade dedicated to lovers of fishing, which is called Fast Fishing. This is not a totally new and original game, as has already been spotted on the shores App Store and known to all players on iPhone and iPad. The aim of the game is to throw the line and without worrying too much about the simulation aspects of fishing, catch as many fish as possible.

Fast Fishing takes the player to explore as many as 22 different locations of the game, all very special and characterized. As mentioned above, the product does not take into account absolutely aspects of fishing simulation, and indeed can be considered one of the most simple and intuitive titles in the genre. Having dropped the line with ease, having to only pay attention to stop a cursor at the center of the bar launch, it takes just seconds to take the bait fish in quick succession. Then play a vital role the speed, having to pull upward the fish as soon as possible. Fast Fish refers to fishing, so that will be good practice to let go of the fish after fish.

Fast Fishing

Each challenge will not be an end in itself, and depending on the result will unlock new gizmos, rods and reels, to be used depending on the 6 different areas in which you are fishing. Each of these has some sub-areas in which cast the line, passing from the quiet Shiny Pond to the more chaotic Doom Deeps, where each point contains several different types of fish, able to oppose always greater resistance, making it more difficult to capture. Unlike the iOS version, available in the App Store with banner ads and extra items to be purchased for a fee, the Mac version costs $6.99.

Graphically excellent cleaning present in the mobile counterpart is obviously catapulted, and further refined, even in this version for Mac. On the big screen, although it is not a simulation game, stands a drawing of the fish rather remarkable, and even the different landscapes that frame fisheries are fully enjoyable, urchins particular without trimmings.

Fast Fishing for Mac costs $6.99 and can be purchased on the Mac App Store directly to this address.