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Amazon allows users to use Alexa also in your application for iOS

The American people can use the voice assistant Alexa also in the application of Amazon. They can control them to make purchases but also to play music or take other functions. Here are the first images.

The Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, is ready for fully integrate with users that will want to use. Not only, Amazon has decided to integrate it into their devices as Echo and Echo Dot but in recent days has started rolling out to allow users to control it even within the application for online purchases. But what the American company wanted to do is integrate it completely, thus not only for shopping but also to control the music or other daily functions.

Just American users, since the last update of the application on iOS, saw the appearance of the microphone icon next to the search bar. Well that’s Alexa and Amazon soon as it is activated it allows to carry out research through the voice portal directly on Amazon.

Once you find the desired item simply ” control ” to Alexa to put it in the shopping cart and proceed with the purchase finalization. Not only. Once the item shipped will monitor shipping more through voice recognition. Nothing more simple and immediate.

Amazon wanted to do more with Alexa. The users can also start playing a music track directly with the help of the voice. They will also seek information about certain landmarks or even ask the outcome of a sporting event or even view the traffic conditions or weather. Still you may also command the home, lighting appliances or maybe the lights or heating. Everything always and exclusively from Amazon via voice prompts.

Jeff Bezos seems to more and more be fascinated by what you can achieve with virtual assistants. Alexa was able to win the ” hearts ” of many users who appreciated its excellent operation, the algorithm versatility that allows you to help you in many daily activities and especially the resemblance to a living being during conversations. Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana know that in the future all the more close will have to fight not only with Alexa but also and especially with a giant like Amazon.

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