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Google Pixel 2: Coming in 3 different versions

The Mountain View company is already at work for the construction of the new Pixel second generation that might even be three and not two as in the first leaks. The code names always refer to fish.

Google may arise during this fall not two but three new Pixel. And what emerges from the code names appeared on the network in the last hour and indicate that three different versions of the new top of the Mountain View company’s range. Muskie, Walleye and Taimen: these code names that Google currently assigned to the new Pixel that should clearly be the evolution of today and who knows with a novelty within a third completely new smartphone.

All names of their fish as was the case for Pixel and Pixel XL last year, a sign that in the Google labs was already working for the implementation of the new generation. It is clear as the names assigned by the code does not allow to understand anything about the technical specifications that will own smartphones but there is still a possible relationship between the size of the fish and the display of incoming products.

While Muskie and Walleye are freshwater fish usually not large, the new Taimen is nothing more than the Siberian salmon which can reach lengths important. From here the idea that the third device could easily be a tablet just as was the case for the Nexus 10.

Unfortunately no information either on the manufacturer chosen by Google for the realization of smartphones materials. We know how the current Pixel and Pixel XL have been designed and manufactured by HTC, which could not affix their own brand.

A limitation of this, he did cease from putting the smartphone made in Google, Huawei, which was chosen at first just by the creator of Android. Who knows which manufacturer will choose whether Google or maybe has managed to achieve its know only top range smartphone without any help from their manufacturer in the wake of what Apple years ago?

The new Pixel 2017 probably will be unveiled during the next fall, after about a year from the current. They will have to compete with the new iPhone coming from Cupertino and beyond also with future Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. A difficult task for Google, especially if they continue to sell its smartphones exclusively in the US as was the case for the first generation.

Users are hoping for a change from this point of view, and certainly if not the Mountain View company would be once again behind the leading manufacturers and above all to rival Apple, ready for great things with the new iPhone’s tenth anniversary.