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Android Wear 2.0: Here all the news of the new operating system for smartwatch

Google officially released the new version of its operating system for smartwatch. Innovations within the watch faces but also direct answers to watch. Also present Android Pay and Google Assistant. Here’s what smartwatch will be updated.

Google has officially announced its new Android Wear 2.0. A very important update for the entire Android platform that leads to a higher level the smartwatch competitors of Apple Watch and Samsung Gear. Android Wear 2.0 is now in rollout and in the words of Google, the update will arrive in the coming weeks in all the ultra technological watch that can receive it.

What is new that brings with it the new Android Wear 2.0?

Indeed many and all ready to make the life of smartwatch decidedly more ” lonely ” in respect of smartphones compared to what up to now have had. Yes, because the new update allows clocks to also live its own life since the 2.0 release Google has decided to allow users to install the applications on the clock without having to necessarily go through the smartphone.

Important news also comes from a graphical point of view since the new Android Wear 2.0 has new watch faces, ie the classic screens with the hands, which now will be even more personalized and above all much more attractive and closer to watches ” real “. Besides the new watch faces will show multiple information on the weather, the steps performed by the user, to date, to appointments but above may also interact with third-party applications.

Another important new feature is the presence of new voice assistant and personal Google introduced with the new Google Pixel. Yes because in Android Wear 2.0 will be the new Google Assistant, which will clearly improve the interaction between the user and smartwatch.

This will make it possible to use artificial intelligence created by the Mountain View giant to ask to voice information, to carry out some actions like making an appointment, an alarm or even to call a particular person: it all simply by voice.

Use it will be easy as simply press and hold the power button on your watch or item using the slogan ” Ok Google. ” At the moment, the only restrictions are those you can use it only in the English language and the German even though support for other languages..

Other new features include the introduction of Android Pay ie the platform to pay directly with the smartwatch any purchase. This will be clear in all those countries where the payment system digitized has been released and the user with Android Wear 2.0 will be able to pay its own purchase physically approaching the smartwatch to a prepared player inside the store.

A novelty that somehow tries to counter the expansion of its main competitor, Apple Pay, and that in the coming months or years will surely become even more powerful and usable.

Finally do not forget the possibilities with Android Wear 2.0 to respond more quickly and easily to your message via the smartwatch. Yes, because with the new released users can respond via the clock to a message in different ways: they can spell it using voice, will enter it with the built-in keyboard or smartwatch will respond by writing by hand or by sending emoji. Smart also reply will help the user with intelligent suggestions based on the context in order to make even more immediate and simple answer.

Android Wear 2.0 compatible smartwatch will come on during the next few weeks. Officially the smartwatch compatible with the new update :