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Announced the official logo of the 5G, it will be used from 2018

The 3GPP has announced the new logo that will represent the 5G technology in the world. It will be used by hardware manufacturers and network providers to define the compatibility of products and services with the new standards.

The 5G is attesocome the telecommunications, but you still have to wait for its commercial deployment of the next market evolution. Some providers of network services have already begun the first tests on the new technologies still lacking clear rules and well-defined standards. Until a few hours ago even lacked a symbol to characterize the technology, now filled gap with the announcement of the official logo of the 5G.

The logo has much in common with that of LTE Advanced Pro and shares some elements even with that of the original 4G. The small waves are now proposals in green, and not red, and have a more linear and defined trends. The purpose of this change, along with the strongest traits used for the character of the written 5G, is to give a more robust connotation entire logo and identify with the same parameters also the technology associated with it.

But what good is a logo for the 5G? The manufacturers of tools compatible with the new networks and service providers will soon begin using it to declare its full support according to the official standards. Ironically today lack of clear standards, although by the end of next year could be preset with the arrival of the first compatible products. The first technical standard should be released in 2018, the definitive ones by 2020.

Network operators and manufacturers can start to use the logo in the first phase, and have already shown quite interested to jump on the wagon of 5G. The interest is not only due to the speed of transfer reached not too determinants on the mobile connections, but above all is due to the possibility of linking together a large number of devices. All for the benefit of the smart city, with 5G which could be crucial for its evolution.