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MacBook Pro 2017 with Intel Kaby Lake coming. First clues through MacOS 10.12.4

The update of the new MacBook Pro 2017 with Intel processors Kaby Lake next generation might come sooner than expected. Eight new versions of Apple’s laptops have been unearthed in the Beta Code of macOS.

The new MacBook Pro 2017 of Apple brought undoubtedly innovations within the hardware, the design of the product but also to some features such as the innovative Touch Bar instead of the classic physical function keys. If the point of the new aesthetic were transposed positively by users, components such as the processor in the first place, have literally been rejected. Yes, because in the new MacBook Pro 2017, Apple does not place the new Intel CPU Kaby Lake but previous Sky Lake even though they were pretty much already available.

But all this could change very soon as the release of the latest beta of macOS 10.12.4 has uncovered new right within the arrival of Intel’s next-generation processors Kaby Lake. Yes, because the code has been possible to see the possible arrival of two new models with regard to the MacBook Pro 13-inch with no Touch Bar: an Intel i5-7260U 2.2 GHz and an Intel i7-7660U 2.5 GHz both provided by the graphics card Intel Iris Graphics Plus 640.

As for the new MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar’s new upcoming cover both versions i5 than those with i7. Specifically, they should get the new Intel i5-7267U with a clock to 3.1 GHz as well as the new Intel i5-7287U with 3.3 GHz clock both coupled to the new Intel Iris Graphics Plus 550. For the model rather more powerful incoming Intel i7-7567U clocked to 3.5 GHz and Intel Iris Graphics Plus 650.

Finally news for the new MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar which will see the arrival of three new CPUs such as Intel i7-7700HQ 2.8 GHz, so even a 2.9-GHz Intel i7-7820HQ and finally the last but the most powerful i7-7920HQ Intel 3.1 GHz, all clearly accompanied by the new Intel HD Graphics 630 GPU.

In addition to these innovations will only make happy all those who have not wanted to buy the new MacBook Pro 2017 with Sky Lake processors but who wanted to wait for the hopeful arrival shortly of the new Intel Kaby Lake. But that’s not all because in addition to these innovations is increasingly likely the arrival of machines that can accommodate up to 32GB of RAM. We know as the current MacBook Pro, albeit ” pumped ” to the maximum, they can be configured with the presence of up to 16GB of RAM.

This created a bit of sorts in all those professional users who push the limits on their laptops, and they had to decline the purchase for just this reason. Apple seems ready to remedy this shortcoming and in a near future than ever will offer maximum configurations within even the RAM.